Thursday, June 6, 2019

Laneige Water Bank Hydro Mist Review

Laneige Water Bank Hydro Mist
Bought for: P910/150 ml
Bought from: Althea Korea

Don't you think summer's just too intense that skin felt as if it's too dry like Sahara's? I have oily skin and dryness just almost sound impossible but lately, because of the intense heat and probably it comes with aging too, my skin feels tighter than usual. I'm starting to feel the need to spray on some moisture from time to time to hydrate. Getting this Laneige Water Bank Hydro Mist during my previous shopping in Althea Korea is a blessing. Now I have something to use whenever I need an instant boost of hydration.


Key Point: Mineral water extracted from vegetables strengthens the skin barrier and moisturizes dry skin.

  • Green mineral hydro water builds up and moisturizes the skin. Green mineral hydro water from Kale, Water cress, Beet root refills the moisture all day long and maintains moist skin.
  • Immediate provision of rich moisture with mist spray pump. French mist spray pump delivers fine particles of moisture to the skin and immediately provides plentiful moisture to dry skin.
  • Deep and rich moisture with Ocean Brew method. Extracted with Independent Ocean Brew method(15℃/5hours), it provides full moisture that doesn’t dry up.

Purpose: You can use Water Bank Hydro Mist whenever you need moisture cream. It can be used even on the face with makeup.

Indications and Usage: With eyes closed, spray the mist while 20-30 centimeters away from the face. Feel free to spray on the entire face whenever it feels dry.


Product comes with a box and a flyer that has the information you need to know about the product such as claims, directions for use and ingredients. It's great because there's not much information about the product on the bottle itself. The spray mist was developed in France and it pumps fine mists on the face. This is the very first mist I've tried that doesn't soak my face with too much liquid. Overall, the bottles looks so cool with that transparent blue bottle and acrylic cap. Not very ideal for travel but still handy.


The product has a very nice, subtle scent that goes away after a few seconds. Again, application is very easy as the spray pump dispenses very fine mists on the skin and provides instant hydration. The mists comes in clear, water texture that is easily absorbed without leaving any greasy feeling.


I love the fact that this is a mist that I can spray anywhere and anytime of the day. I consider mists a multitasking product because not only they prep and hydrates skin, they also set makeups and prevent caking. Laneige Water Bank Hydro Mist leaves skin not just refreshed but healthy too because of the active ingredients. It has Green Mineral Water that's extracted from vegetables for a dewy, hydrated look. Personally, I like using it as a setting spray because using it prior to skincare makes my face super oily and it seems like whatever I put on next seems to be taking too much time to get absorbed. Using it right after everything yields the better results.

On days I don't prefer wearing any makeups, I use this after cleansing to hydrate the skin and then would proceed with my toner. These are the days I'm skipping moisturizer. The mist is already too hydrating for an additional step so that's why.

If you are looking for a mist to refresh the skin, you must try this Laneige Water Bank Hydro Mist. A little goes a long way and I assure you, you're next to clearer and plumper skin!


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