Wednesday, June 19, 2019

My Unpleasant Experience With Poten-Cee Vitamin C + Collagen Food Supplements

Here's a quick review on the Poten-Cee supplements that I got from Sample Room. I was excited at first to try these because it's going to be the first time I'll ever take Collagen supplements. It also has Vitamin C and with a quick research, I found out that they work best when taken together as Vitamin C hastens the effects and production of Collagen.

One ability of Collagen is to provide you a glowing, healthy skin. This is vital if you would like to have a more supple, elastic skin. As we age, collegen production declines which is why beauty enthusiasts like me resorts to collagen supplements to maintain the natural, young-looking skin.

Poten-Cee Vitamin C + Collagen Food Supplements
Size: Per capsule / 10s capsule / 30s capsule
Price: P19.50 / P195.00 / P585.00

CLAIMS: Poten-Cee +C is a supplement that contains Vitamin C (70mg) and Collagen (650mg). Collagen is important to skin vitality. Several studies have shown that collagen supplements can help improve skin hydration, reduce skin dryness, skin scaling and even formation of wrinkles.

I got these supplements last January through Sample Room. It took me about a month before trying them out as I'm taking Fern-C back then. So here comes March- I was breaking out and I thought it's going to be the perfect time to take some Collagen. It's not for acne purposes but I was hoping it would at least do something about my skin condition. After just about three (3) days, my jaw, cheeks and neck is covered with tiny, itchy red bumps. I rarely get pimples in my neck so I thought, it must be something I was taking orally. I stopped during the fifth day because my skin is not doing any better. I just keep on getting fresh new bumps all over.

After my skin was healed, I tried taking the supplements again early this month in the hope of getting better results. It must be my poor sleeping and eating habit way back March but then again, the same thing happened. The first three (3) days were horrible. I got tiny, itchy bumps again in my neck and decolletage part as well as over my face. I kept on scratching my skin even at work. On the fourth day onwards, I stopped and there I saw the breakouts starting to calm down and heal again with the help of my Althea Korea Spot Film Gel. The breakouts were sudden and the products I use during the testing period were products I trust and haven't encountered any problems yet so far. I wasn't taking anything orally too other than the Poten-Cee Vitamin C + Collagen Food Supplement. It wasn't even that time of the month and not even close to. So, you be the judge.

Poten-CeeAscorbic Acid Poten-Cee Forte
Size: per tablet / 30s tablet / 100s tablet
Price: P9.75 / P292.50 / P975.00

CLAIMS: Poten-Cee Forte is a 1000 MG Ascorbic Acid tablet in an 8-Hour-Time-Release formula for a whole-day Vitamin C protection. Poten-C Vitamin C gives the benefit of Immunity + Healthy Skin because it not only helps boost immunity, it is also essential in collagen production for a healthy skin and hair.

The Poten-Cee Forte is something that I think works in maintaining a healthy immune system. It keeps me cold and cough-free when everyone in the family is sick. Of course, drinking plenty of water helps a great deal too. It's a cheaper counterpart to expensive Vitamin C and the 8-hour time release system is impressive.

What's your trusted Vitamin C/Collagen brand? Would love to hear your thoughts! Happy blogging!


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  1. Hi! I also had almost the same experience with potencee plus c. I had rashes when taking it. I finished 1 box of it, 10 tablets. I researched, and found out that collagen has fish/shellfish contents which I am actually allergic to. So, I stopped taking them and the rashes were gone.

    1. Aww that’s unfortunate. From now on, will be very careful na din when taking Collagen supplements. Thanks for sharing this info! :)


  3. While I was googling for the side-effects of this specific supplements, I read your blog and had the same experience. I never had any breakouts before taking this, then after finishing 2 boxes (20caps), I'm having the worst break out ever.


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