Thursday, June 13, 2019

Sebo De Macho For Your Fresh Scars

At one point in our lives, there comes a time when an unavoidable incident truly leave scars behind. Chos! In my case, I suffered a lot of scars from my last year's chicken pox infection and it took me months, like legit, to finally lighten them up. Yes, just slightly lighten as they are still evident in my skin up until now. It just needs proper skincare and the right products to make them look better. Just like what other people believe in, using Sebo De Macho to heal the wounds is the best option so here comes me...following the must-be tradition without any faith at first, just hoping for the best.

Just a little background, Sebo De Macho is made from mutton's tallow (sheep fat) and it sounded gross thinking you are actually slathering fats and grease in your face. I didn't know that when I started but I'm glad I learned it just recently as I am now immune to the greasy texture.

Apollo Sebo De Macho was the cheapest SDM brand I saw when I did a quick visit to the supermarket. I bought it for less than P50 for a small tub with 25g of cream inside. I hate myself for saying this but I actually thought...a product as cheap as this, would it really work? I admit I was being judgmental and I'm truly sorry but I was proven wrong in the end anyway. It does work, at least for me!

I'm quite impressed with the shelf life of about 3 years and about the convenience of the size and container. I can easily carry it with me anywhere whenever I wanted to reapply. Not as hygienic as you have to constantly dip your fingers in but who cares? Just make sure to always use clean hands to avoid contamination.

Sebo De Macho is white and greasy in texture and is also heavy to use as an overall cream for the face, at least in the perspective of someone who has super oily skin. For this matter, I don't think it's great as base for makeup, though would work well as a moisturizer for dry patches. I personally prefer to use it only on target areas so as not to look like I just fried something on my face. Scent is not that great so if you have real sensitive noses, I'm not so sure how you're gonna handle this.

I've collated three photos from my phone so I can show you how the scars looked like. Correction, year should be 2018, my bad! There are still deep scars left but I'm happy that despite the texture, the pigmentation has faded so significantly. Others would say chicken pox scars naturally heals overtime but I truly believe that Sebo De Macho did a huge part in terms of lightening. I had chicken pox scars all over my body which I failed to use SDM on and I regret not doing this before as they are still obvious to date and it has been over a year! Now, you be the judge.


Overall, I'm really grateful and happy that I listened to my parents. At first, I was thinking of going to the derma for a consultation and I even thought of resorting to microdermabrasion but I was so happy I did not spend more than P50 for scar lightening. So yes, Sebo De Macho works in removing fresh scars (and only works on fresh scars)! Now I know why it has been a staple in the Filipino household. Let me know your scar stories! Happy blogging!


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