Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Chica Y Chico One Kill Eyeliner Liquid Brush Pen Review

Chica Y Chico One Kill Eyeliner Liquid Brush Pen
Bought for: P370
Bought from: Althea Korea

Here's a quick review to a product which I am currently obsessing – Chica Y Chico One Kill Eyeliner Liquid Brush Pen! It wasn't my intention to actually get it during my recent shopping in Althea Korea. The thing was, I was looking for something to cart from the website, something that is a little inexpensive, so I can reach the threshold for free shipping. It's a little pricier than the actual shipping fee but at least I get something out of it. Smart shopping! So whatever and without further ado, here goes nothing! :D


If looks could kill, Chica Y Chico's One Kill Eyeliner would be the perfect weapon. Waterproof, smudge-free and super pigmented, this eyeliner gives you lines sharp enough to cut! With a super fine tip that dispenses just the right amount of product, these pigmented eyeliners are opaque in just one swipe, making it great for easy applications and touch-ups when you're on the move.


The overall packaging looks very simple yet classic. It comes in a cardboard box with little details about the product. I did a quick research prior to buying this so I kind of skipped over the information. I like the slim, sleek pencil type packaging and it's something I would definitely reach out for during getaways.

Since it's pen type, you just have to pull the cap open and there you see that sharp eye liner brush that's so tiny and pointed. I'm such a fan because I aim for a precise application. I am just starting out learning how to line the eyes so using dependable makeup tools like this is a must. The pointed applicator makes it super easy to draw thin and fine strokes.

The formula gives a very vivid color in just a swipe. The formulation of the product is almost semi-matte and I wish for it to be even more matte than it actually is. I like shimmery eye shadows so to balance, I usually opt for a matte finish. 

The only con I could probably think with eye liners in this type of packaging is the fact that they get emptied out quicker than the ones in pot. They dry out real fast so one way to preserve its life is to store it upright. In terms of application though, using pencils saves you enough time. 

In terms of longevity, I think this product is definitely worth it. I had the eyeliner in my eyes for almost 12 hours during a work event and it did not move considering that I have super oily lids.

Overall, I am quite happy with Chica Y Chico One Kill Eyeliner Liquid Brush Pen. It's a good value for money and is always perfect to also perfect a winged eye so convenient!


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