Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Nivea Refreshingly Soft Moisturizing Cream as Hand Lotion

Nivea Refreshingly Soft Moisturizing Cream
Bought for: P264
Bought from: Nivea Philippines

I have this habit of bringing tubs of moisturizers anywhere I go because I always get dry, wrinkly skin no matter the weather is. My facial skin is oily, but the rest are taut and dry. I sometimes think it’s because I’m not getting any younger, so my skin starts losing the moisture and glow it once has. To cut this long story short though, I discovered another moisturizer that I can store at work to slather on every time I feel the need to. It’s the Nivea Refreshingly Soft Moisturizing Cream. I am sure you are all familiar with the famous Nivea Crème that you probably repurchased so many times, but are they different? How so? Please keep on reading!


All over body moisturizing cream with lighter formulation cools refreshes soothes the skin.


It comes in a white plastic tub that’s quite bulky and that means that it’s not very convenient to bring to travels. It would be nice if you have a small container to decant some into. It also has an inner seal for extra protection. Since you have to dip your fingers every application, make sure your hands are clean to avoid contamination.



It has a clean, subtle scent that is not off-putting. The cream is opaque white in color and has a soft texture, hence the name. The consistency is quite thick so it’s indeed perfect for those who have very dry skin as a relief. Because of the thick formulation, it takes some time to dry and is a little greasy at first but once fully absorbed, skin is left moisturized and soft. I don’t really like greasy stuff for the face, but I don’t mind the ones intended for the body. In fact, I prefer those so my skin would look glowing and supple. This is to avoid premature aging too. Remember, the key to youthful skin is moisture!


Since this has a thicker consistency than body lotions, I prefer using it as a hand and foot cream and it does the job in keeping them moisturized and hydrated all day. Reapplication is necessary especially if you wet or wash your hands which I don’t mind because it provides instant relief to dry, itchy skin. This is thinner and lightr than Nivea Crème if you are asking, so if you prefer Nivea Crème but is looking for something that has a thinner consistency, take this! It’s around the same price and will last you a long time too!


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