Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Real Techniques Powder Brush Review

Real Techniques Powder Brush
Price: P771 ($10)
Bought from: Sephora Philippines

I haven’t posted anything about brushes for a while so I’m gonna start doing brush reviews for this month. They are piling up real quick in my vanity so I have this urge of starting to write and share my thoughts about them before I forget. Today, I will be reviewing a brush I have with me for years already, a brush from a brand that I trust so much when it comes to providing quality beauty tools at a very affordable price – Real Techniques.

It comes in a plastic box and it arrives very securely too. The brush handle is made of metal if I’m not mistaken and down at the bottom is a black rubber material. I like how Real Techniques made their brushes look. I like the curvy handle and the flat bottom so you can have the brushes stand on their own. I also appreciate that there’s the brand and brush name printed on the handle, so you don’t get confused on what it’s for. It’s not necessary for those who are familiar with beauty tools but it’s such a big deal for someone like me who’s still on the process of learning on what each brush is specifically for.

It comes in two-toned bristles that is so dense and plush. It’s also big enough to cover a huge area of the face so your makeup will be done in a flash. I like brushes that are non-scratchy and I’m so happy that most, if not all, Real Technique brushes are like that. They are so gentle on the skin as if you are swirling some feathers on. The domed head is perfect to fit even the nooks and crannies of your face.

Because the brush head is so big, you can also use this to bronze out the skin, other than dousing on some powder. I sometimes find time to use it to blend and finally distribute makeup foundation evenly when my duo-fiber brush from the same brand is dirty. There are so many things you can do with this, say like a body brush?

I have Real Techniques Powder Brush for over a year and there’s no such time that I encounter any shedding or whatnot. Also, I like the fact that it doesn’t lose its shape despite several washes and this will give everyone the impression that they are indeed of great quality. If you are looking for an affordable brush without compromising the quality, opt for Real Techniques. You will really get more than your money’s worth. Be ready for more Real Techniques brush reviews!

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