Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Ecotools Full Powder Brush Review

Ecotools Full Powder Brush
Bought for: P517.34
Bought from: Ecotools

Here's a review on a brush that has been in my wish list for quite some time. I love brushes with large brush heads as I love feeling their fluffiness onto my skin so whenever I get the chance, I buy one. When Ecotools had a payday sale on Lazada, I was able to snag this at 30% off. Not bad. But...is it worth it? Let's see.


The FULL POWDER brush is designed with a large, dense, incredibly-soft head to evenly distribute and blend pressed powders for an everyday, matte look.

Dab brush in pressed powder, gently tap off any excess. Sweep color onto face using circular motions starting in the middle of your face and moving towards the hairline.

The brush is housed in a cardboard box with some information about the product. The handle is made of light but sturdy bamboo material with the brand and brush name printed on it. I like that the end is pointy because I can use the end to slightly brush off hair that accidentally got into the face (lol) and it’s just easier to hold, I guess.

The brush head is slightly domed and dense considering that there are 70,000 hair bristles that’s been carefully packed together. This is probably why this brush is able to pick up too much pigments in one go. I like that it’s big and fluffy because it gets the job done fast.

The bristles are synthetic so it does not absorb too much product but what I don’t really like is that it feels scratchy and there are a few bristles that prick the skin. This is very unusual with Ecotools as all brushes I bought from the brand have high quality and soft bristles. Again, this has been in my wish list for like forever and it’s very disappointing that it’s not a 100% comfortable to use. I would still like to keep it nonetheless just because I love collecting big, fluffy powder brushes but it won’t be something I’d reach out for all the time.

Good thing is that this brush doesn’t shed even with multiple wash and brushes that are this big are multi-tasking. You can use it as a regular powder brush, a bronzer or even a blush brush.

Let me know what you think of Ecotools Full Powder Brush! Happy blogging!


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