Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Ecotools Precision Blush Brush Review

Ecotools Precision Blush Brush
Price: P460.01
Bought from: Ecotools

Here's a quick review on an Ecotools best-selling brush - Ecotools Precision Blush Brush. I remember a beauty guru I follow on Youtube rave about this brush and so she made me buy one I guess. There wasn't much dilly-dallying because this brush is just so cheap that it won't make a dent in your wallets. We know Ecotools for making quality yet affordable brushes.


The Precision Blush Brush is designed with a unique square cut to control color application for a perfectly sculpted cheek. Dab brush in cream or powder color. Apply in an oval shape at the top of cheekbone blending outward towards the hairline. For a contoured look, apply a deeper shade in hollow of cheekbone.

This brush is just about the perfect length you can ever have, storage-wise. I always love Ecotools' lightweight, bamboo handles because it makes me feel like I'm closer to the environment. I also appreciate that they included the brush name on the handle so users will know which is which. Good makeup brushes ought to be multi-tasking brushes, still it would be better to include brush names for the sake of beginners and so that they'll have a guide.

The bristles are two-toned and they are also tapered so it distributes powder product efficiently. Like all Ecotools brushes, this is made of synthetic hair so it's really soft to the touch and there's absolute zero hair that feels scratchy. That's one thing I always consider when using brushes. I want it to be super soft that it's comfortable on the skin and won't cause tugging.

Ecotools Precision Blush Brush is pinched on the bottom so it's kind of flat but still fluffy. I like that it's not too small or too big - it just fits the apples of my cheeks. There's zero shedding even after several washes and it also stays in shape.

It was a mentioned in their site that this brush can be for both cream and powder application. I tried it on both - it does an amazing job in blending powder blushes but is not a very ideal cream blush brush. I think small stippling brush will do the job better. For cream products, I prefer firmer, shorter-type bristles. I don't now if it's just me but I think it's a matter of personal preference.

So there you have it! If you are looking for makeup brushes that are cheap but works perfectly fine, you cannot go wrong with Ecotools. They are a must-have and highly recommended!


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