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Real Techniques PowderBleu Collection - Luxe Makeup Brushes Review

Real Techniques Powder Bleu Brush Collection

I've been buying brushes non-stop and one of the loveliest haul I did through Zalora includes three (3) brushes from the Powder Bleu Brush Collection of Real Techniques. This limited set is the luxurious line of this famous drugstore brush brand. The bristles are said to be comparable to blue squirrel hair which is a premium kind of fiber only expensive and high-end manufacturers uses. Hence, the brushes are way more expensive from their usual price point.

The brushes we'll talk about today are the B01 Soft Large Powder Brush, B03 Soft Complexion Brush and B04 Soft Shadow Brush. There are two more brushes and a powder puff in the collection that I don't have. I've long been searching for the B02 Soft Finishing Brush but it's sold out anywhere. If you happen to know where I can get one in the Philippines, please, please, let me know.  I'm also eyeing the Plush Kabuki which is this massive body kabuki brush I think everyone's raving about. That's, I think, the most expensive in the collection and I still need to ponder whether it's something I'll need in my life. On the other hand, I did not bother buying the Plush Powder Puff because it's not a necessary makeup tool in my opinion. I might buy that still if I change my mind about collecting the entire set.

The overall design of each brush are awesome - they remind me of Kat Von D brushes with that long, sleek handle and pointed bottom. It has that ombre effect design which goes from royal blue to black all the way up. The handle is very sturdy and is made of wood and you can tell that they are really of quality as they have weights individually.

The bristles are blue in color so these are stain-proof. Here I am using and combining words again that I don't even know whether or not they exist in dictionaries haha. Anyway, these brushes are so, so soft. Words aren't able to describe how it hits the softness factor - if that's even a technical term lol. In fact, I would say they are the softest brushes from a drugstore brand that I ever own.

Another good thing about them is that they are able to keep their shape even after several washes. The blue dye doesn't wash off too so yey! There are no hairs sticking out so no need to worry about hairs getting into your face as you apply and blend your powder products.


A soft powder brush with a large tapered head designed for the flawless application of powder bronzers and highlighters.

Its FauxBleu™ Technology uses bristles engineered to perform as well as blue squirrel hair and is a combination of soft, long tapered and unique wavy bristles. This brush is optimised for layering powders without disturbing makeup already applied.

This is a great fluffy brush that has a long tapered tip. I like tapered brushes because they really get to the nooks and crannies of the face and they don't really bother the makeup underneath. It's also able to pick up too much pigments in one go so it would cover a massive area of the skin, ensuring a faster makeup setting application. This has a smaller brush head compared to the regular powder brush we know from Real Techniques - that one I truly love - but is still big on its own.

Aside from its luxurious feel, this is also a true multitasker. It's a brush that I can use to sweep on my favorite blush for that flushed look or bronzer to enhance face dimensions. Mostly though, this is my go-to brush to set the under eyes and face.


A soft complexion brush with a domed, dense head designed to blend and buff powder foundation onto the skin for buildable, customisable shine-free coverage.

This was what I'm most excited about the first time I got my haul. I love dense, buffing brushes just because. I think they are great investment for some reasons. This PowderBleu Soft Complexion Brush is a must-have. I didn't like it at first and it was solely my fault because I use it with a liquid foundation when it's actually intended for powder products. This brush just soaks up the liquid and I ended up having a very sheer, streaky finish. I did look up online and that's when I figured out I was using it wrong. Oopsies, stupid me I know.

Anyway, I gave it another try and use a powder foundation from Loreal and it does blend my makeup so naturally seamless. Everything looks airbrushed and my pores are blurred out. I think it's because the brush is soft and dense that bristles are well packed together and they are doing a great job in pushing the product onto the skin. Blending products with this brush lessens the look like you are actually wearing something.


A soft shadow brush with a tapered, precision head designed to gently layer and blend powder shadows for a naturally diffused look.

This is a basic blending brush that is also fluffy and tapered to the tip. It looks like a teeny tiny version of the powder brush at least in my opinion. It's so soft to the eyes and doesn't feel scratchy. Just like all brushes from the collection, the bristles are extra soft and they feel feathery on the skin too.

Because it's slightly bigger compared to other blending brushes that I own, I'm thinking that this may not be fitting for those who have smaller eyes. My eyes are round and small and I really find it hard to blend because of the brush size. It's giving me like a smaller space for blending and a lesser control. I cannot move too much or my shadow will go places...if you know what I mean. If your eyes are bigger though, this may be a great transition or like an overall blending brush but definitely not ideal for detail work.

So there you have it! I hope this review helps especially if you are someone who's eyeing this brush collection. I don't think these are something you have to buy but if you are a brush collector like me and is willing to spend for quality brushes, then go ahead. If you are looking for cheaper alternatives, Real Techniques have cheaper brush options for you that you'll never go wrong with.


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