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Piel Beauty PH Intensive Underarm Whitening Set Review

As I was browsing online and looking for an organic, water-based deo, I stumbled upon this set from the brand Piel Skincare. I'd like to support local brands and it's ideally one of those fast-growing, reputable shops we have in the Philippines. I assumed because there are loads of purchases and great feedbacks that was built from quality and honesty.

I tried googling and I wasn't able to find a full review for this particular set (other than the shop's rating page) so I think this may be a good chance. Hesitation was inevitable at first because as a beauty blogger, I know that some only become a hype for great marketing even though the products were not good enough. Some posts hoax reviews and falsified claims - you know what I mean. In short, in the online world, it's very easy to deceive and get deceived.

This set isn't exactly an impulse buy. I made sure to read some of the thousand ratings available before I finally carted and paid. Also, I was looking for a good maintenance cream and a deodorant that is fast-drying and generally, these matched what I was looking for. It's pricey for P1,050 a set but it's kind of a practical buy considering you get a total of 3 items.


The new and improved formulation made even better! No more underarm worries with Piel! Whiten, freshen and renew your underarms the Natural way. The set is good for 3- 4 weeks depending on your usage.

Inclusive of: Piel Underam Toner (50ml) - this serves as your deodorant and removes dirt not removed by your ordinary soap. Intensive UA cream (10g) - prepares your underarms for rejuvenation. Use for 7 days only. Perfect Smoothing Cream (15g) - renews your skin while you sleep 100% effective and safe even for lactating or breastfeeding moms. (Always consult your OB 1st for consent before using any whitening products)


This is the first step and you have to be careful because you can only use this cream in the first 7 days. This works like a bleaching cream only with zero peeling. It claims to to be the #1 Exfoliator that will renew your underarms from within and will continuously exfoliate your underarm's dead skin cells to aid in smoothening out.

The Intensive Underarm Cream comes with 10g of product inside and it's good exactly for a week as long as you use it day and night. It's recommended to do just that, so product will really penetrate and work its wonders. I did what I was told and it's true, my skin felt smoother afterwards.

Cream has a bouncy consistency and I like that it dries fast without leaving a sticky residue. It doesn't stain white clothes too. It's isn't exactly a deodorant but I'm amazed how it keeps me odor-free the entire day. Cream itself smells subtly of chemicals but goes away after few minutes.

Using it for the first 7 days, I noticed that it leaves white marks and it settles on the folds of the skin. Make sure to clean your underarms well. During this period, my skin feels more sensitive to friction as it stings a bit especially during cleansing. I kind of expected it as it means that it's actually working to exfoliate the skin. Just make sure not to over-rubbed at this period to avoid further irritations.


This is the easiest to use among the 3 products as it works like a toner and a water-based deodorant for the skin with extra whitening benefits. I use it every morning after the 7th day. It claims to keep the underarm dry and odorless for as long as 24 hours. This is quite true. I like that it's very easy to apply and that it gets absorbed by the skin quickly too. It doesn't feel sticky or uncomfortable at all.

It's instructed to use this product with a cotton. You have to dispense an appropriate amount and then gently rub on both underarms. You'll be surprised how much dirt will show up on the cotton ball! It definitely will remove remaining dirt and oil that your ordinary soap weren't able to remove. The only thing I probably find off about it is the fact that it's so small and steeply priced that it only lasted about less than a month. I don't mind repurchasing though. They have a website but I prefer buying on Shopee retailers so I can take advantage of some discounts and free shipping. They run out of stock quite fast so I buy right away every time they restock.

Now, here's to the last and final step!


This is the 3rd step that claims to smoothen out bumps or chicken skin in as early as 2 weeks, leaving it flawlessly smooth like baby skin. This product is what I use during night time before sleeping.

This cream has 25g of product inside that I think will last you for a while. You don't have to use a lot as a little goes a long way. The opaque white, mousse-like consistency will actually give your skin a brightened appearance which may look ghostly and awkward when you put too much.

I like this product but one thing I find off about it is that it also settles in the folds of the skin and the stain is really hard to get off especially when you sweat. It's best use with the Underarm Lightening Solution and a cotton ball in order to take it off. That bothers me because frequent scrubbing is actually irritating. If I do it everyday, my pits would feel sore.

Good thing, the cream is quite easy to blend (with proper amount used) and it dries without any stickiness too. It gives an illusion of a brightened skin but goes away once cleansed. Though good thing, regular using of this cream will actually make skin soft and supple.


Depends on the color of the skin, this may take a few months to see significant effects. I've been using mine for exactly a month and I haven't seen much lightening because IT. FREAKIN. TAKES. TIME. Miracles don't happen overnight. I still see some hyper pigmentation but my skin has improved a lot in terms of its texture. I still have a few left but for back up purposes, I already repurchased the set from the retailer and is waiting for it to arrive at my doorstep. All I can say right now is that this set will really benefit those who are looking for something to smoothen out and improve the overall look of the skin. With regards to its lightening claims, I will update you from time to time of the progress.

Update: After finishing another 2 sets, I don't think my underarms have lightened significantly to be honest. I still have hyperpigmentation and there are areas that still need some lightening so it would look even. However, using this set maintains a smoother appearance. I think these products are really good in exfoliating and buffing away roughness on the skin. I stopped repurchasing because I think that other deodorants that are slightly cheaper can do the same thing in just one step. I'm liking the ones from Deonat. They are smoothening, hydrating and keeps me odor-free all day too.

Also, I feel like the 3-step underarm skincare is taking too much time. You know the feeling of investing too much but you're not getting anything more than what you invest? That's exactly my feelings right now. I know that it's a personal preference but it's just how I see it.

I am glad I've tried this set and that it didn't cause me any harm, but since I prefer simpler and cheaper skincare, I wouldn't be repurchasing for a while.

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  1. Hi! Can you give us an update re: effectiveness of Piel underarm whitening set?

  2. Hi! Can you give us an update re: effectiveness of Piel underarm whitening set?

  3. hi hi! did you end up seeing whitening results?

  4. Hello. Does it really whitens your ua?

  5. Hi. I appreciate your review a lot! And wanna know if there's an update with the result? TIA! :)))

  6. Hi. I appreciate your review a lot! And wanna know if there's an update with the result? TIA! :)))


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