Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Ecotools Sheer Powder Brush Review

Ecotools Sheer Powder Brush
Bought for: P350
Bought from: Zalora

I have this brush for quite some time but it only hit me recently that I haven't dedicated a single post about it yet so here goes nothing. I am used to full powder brushes but I never thought I'd like this better than the Ecotools Full Powder Brush which I find a little scratchy on the skin. This, on the other hand, is a softer and gentler version. Ecotools came up with several powder brushes in different cuts and sizes and this one is defintiely my top choice.

Claims: The Sheer Powder brush is designed with full, lightweight bristles to deliver a light dusting of product for a fresh and natural look.

Like all Ecotools brushes, this one comes in a cardboard box with sufficient product information. I wasn't able to take a pic with the original packaging because when I made my haul, I got so excited that I tore them all apart so sudden so I can get my hands on the brushes.

Compared to the full powder brush, this one is more pressed/condensed on the roots and goes on tapered to the ends. The shape of the brush head is kind of too much for smaller corners of the face but the tapered cut helps. The bamboo handle is very lightweight but you can get a good grip with the length and the pointed shape of it. Bristles are made of synthetic materials so it's very soft and gentle when smoothe all over the skin. Most Ecotools brushes are so I think that's a given.

As you can see, the bristles are quite long and less dense so it definitely not gonna give you a full coverage. If that's a problem, go for the full powder brush. This Sheer Powder Brush lightly picks up product and distributes it all over the skin in an airy manner. Also, since there are less bristles, it doesn't move makeup underneath that much. Result is fresh, natural-looking makeup.

So will I recommend? Hell, yeah! This brush is a great investment for a little less than P500! More makeup brush review? Coming up! Happy blogging!


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