Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Real Techniques Unicorn and Glitters - Brush Crush Volume I Review

January feels like t'was only yesterday but checking our calendar, I couldn't believe it's already ber-months. Three more months until the season of giving! Ideally though, everyday should be like it. The world will be a better place if we start sharing. Share the love, share the joy and anything you can think of - whether it's tangible or not. Don't be too hard on yourself and spoil you every chance you get because you deserve it. Well, that's what I keep telling myself when I got these makeup brushes from Real Techniques because I'm doing good and there seems to be a progress with how I handle mental stresses. Good job, Hanna, for thinking positively and for the smooth segue lol. Anyway, let's start with our agenda for today.

Real Techniques releases gorgeous and functional brush collections from time to time. One of which is this Brush Crush Volume I which is basically composed of brush essentials inspired by beautiful unicorn and glitter designs. These are very trending makeup brush features that I always see everywhere but the thing is, most of them only look gorgeous without the function factor. The ones I see in most online shops are way too flimsy and aren't sturdy enough to last you a long time. On the other hand, the ones from Real Techniques both have great aesthetic and quality.

Brush Crush Volume I Brushes comes in pink and purple handles with glitter design. The glitters don't seem to fall out any time. I love it that they were sturdy and scratch-proof and you can tell that a lot of money has been put into these brushes because each brush has a weight to it. They are kind of heavy which aid in precise application, at least in my opinion. The angled, pointed handle is made for the purpose of it not rolling in your vanity so each brush actually stay put where you place it. 

Another thing I find so great about these is the white and purple brush hairs. They are made of synthetic fibers which is super soft and there's not a single hair that irritates the skin. The purple and white ombre looks very cool too. I've washed these a lot of times already and they do not shed nor lose their shape eventually.


I have here four brushes from the line to review and I lack 2-3 brushes and a makeup sponge because I couldn't find them anywhere here in the Philippines. My bad. How I wish I was living in US lol. Anyway, the first thing we have in this collection is this 300 Powder Brush which retails for P890 in Sephora.

This powder brush is slightly pressed on the bottom and goes tapered on the top. The bristles are super soft and plush that it distributes powder onto the face evenly. I like it but I prefer bigger and more domed setting brush than this.


I'm used to fluffy and tapered blush brushes but this one right here is also a gem. It looks more like a paddle brush (that's a little bit denser and bristles are way less firmer) which I'm never a fan of. It's also a small brush in comparison to all blush brushes I own and I actually think I wouldn't like at first. I fell in love with it because it applies blush well and blended. It's probably because of the triangular, tapered shape of the brush head so it distributes products well. Now, I appreciate that the size is great for the apples of the cheeks so you don't overdo your flush.

Just like all brushes in the collection, the bristles are super soft and it really gives a natural flush of color. It retails for P890 in Sephora.


This is the heaviest in the collection and the weight actually helps in precise application of contour especially if you're sporting a well-chiseled jaw. This brush is flat and dense on top but still soft and gentle on the skin. It blends contour seamlessly so yeah, great brush. This is also very similar to the RT's bold metals contour brush so you don't have to get both if you already have one. This is a great brush to invest on but then again, not a very essential brush type that you have to own a lot unless, of course, if you are a collector.

It retails for P890 in Sephora and the price is still worth it considering the quality. I just don't find too many uses for this brush, that's it.


This shadow brush has a very soft, slightly tapered head. In comparison to most blending brushes I own, this is a little bit smaller. This brush is perfect for applying soft shadows and since there aren't many eye brushes in this collection, this brush is something I have to have an extra for. I'm loving this brush so far and I'm planning to get a back up soon.

I am very particular with eye brushes. Eyes is surrounded with thin skin that can easily get irritated just be using scratchy eye brushes so I wanted my collection to only have the ones with soft bristles. If they prick the skin or makes my eyes teary, I'm throwing them out. I'm so happy to have discovered this shadow brush the works so gently and is perfect for the size of my eyes.

These are overall a great brush collection from Real Techniques. I never doubted it because RT's brushes are awesome in general. These are way cheaper than high end brushes but does the same thing if not better. I will continue purchasing brushes from the brand and if you plan on doing so, hurry because these are limited editions and won't be hanging around for long.


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