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Marc Jacobs The Face II - Sculpting Foundation Brush No. 2 Review

Marc Jacobs The Face II - Sculpting Foundation Brush No. 2
Bought for: P2,647 or $48
Bought from: Sephora Philippines

I've always wanted to own a Marc Jacobs brush. It's one of the high-end brand I always look up to so when I got the budget, I immediately purchased a bestseller from their brush collection - The Face II - Sculpting Foundation Brush No. 2. I thought it over and over whether I'd get the The Face I, II or III (it was a hard decision, mind you) but because of the reviews and suggestions online, I settled for the No. 2. And because it's accompanied with a heavy price tag, I couldn't help but expect a lot. I know you are too so without further ado, let's start with the review! ***Okay I didn't expect it to rhyme hehe.***


Cream Formulas. Full Coverage. Perfectly Poreless.

This innovative powder foundation brush has a smartly angled brush design lets you sculpt your foundation into a perfectly flawless finish. The Face II sculpting makeup brush enhances the application and finish of Perfection Powder, but can also be used with liquid and mousse foundations.

The Marc Jacobs foundation brush's innovative brush designed with oversized top allows for application and blending at the same time.The tapered bristles perfectly blend foundation, without leaving streaks or uneven spots. Can be used with other liquid foundation products.

This brush came with a sleek black cardboard box. I threw it even before making this review because I forgot that I'll be making one lol. My bad. Anyway, I love the black and silver look of the brush. The handle is sleek, sturdy and very easy to grip though a lot has been complaining that the print can be easily rub off. I had mine for like a couple of months or more, the pictures were taken just last week so the condition is very recent. I've washed it pretty much every single time but I didn't experience such. I'll wait and see after a few more months. What I would suggest is to always use mild soaps and gentle hands. Do not over-cleanse or rub on it so it would not remove the print.

The brush has an over-sized head that makes the job gets done a lot faster. It's also designed to be angled and it also has a domed head that's dense but still fluffy enough to move the foundation and distributes it in an even manner. The bristles are black then goes white on top and they are amazingly soft, nothing scratchy at all. It's overall flexible so you can really get into every nooks and corner of the face even with a large head like that.

The brush has a weight to it and I personally think that the weight actually adds to its precision. It buffs makeup onto the skin with less effort to give a skin-like finish. I'm used to dense buffing brushes that I can move in circular motion. But because of its unique brush design, you can only apply foundation either downward or sideways or just like how you would with a sponge which can be awkward at first. I got used to it though.

I've washed this brush a lot of times and I'm happy that this one doesn't shed like crazy. It also retains its shape even after several uses. I didn't have problem with staining too as it cleanses very well with my Beauty Blender Liquid Blender Cleanser.

Overall, this is a great foundation brush if you care less about price tags. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly alternative, go for Real Techniques Expert Face BrushMorphe M439, etc which are my all-time current favorites.


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