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Ecotools 360 Ultimate Blend Makeup Brush Set Review

Ecotools 360 Ultimate Blend Makeup Brush Set
Bought for: P890
Bought from: Ecotools

Hello, everyone! Today, we'll be talking about some Ecotools brushes I got a few months ago - the Ecotools 360 Ultimate Blend Makeup Brush Set which is basically composed of three brushes that are just the same in features but different in purpose and size. Initially, I was so excited when I got this set because as you all know, I love makeup brushes especially those that are dense and is meant for base makeup. Anyway, these ones aren't exactly what I expected them to be and here's why.


The 360 ULTIMATE BLEND™ kit is designed with 3 densely packed, domed brush heads for a quick application and a perfectly blended finish.

Brushes Included: Ultimate Buff (apply cream or stick foundation and blend in a circular motion), Ultimate Pop (blend cream or stick blush and bronzer for a sculpted, airbrushed finish) and Ultimate Cover (for added definition, apply concealer or highlighter to apples of cheeks, bridge of nose and arch of brows).

Brushes comes in pink handles with the names printed on it. It's very similar to paddle brushes except it's round to the top and the name is quite fitting because you can move it around so easily. The brushes have weight to it - quite light on the handle and is heavy at the brush head part which is intended for added pressure I guess. It must be because of the density of the bristles too. Overall, the packaging looks very sturdy and in terms of production and materials used, these brushes are a little above the rest from Ecotools. There's very minimal fallouts with these brushes but yeah, from time to time, they do. 

So as I understand, the biggest one is for blending of base makeup, the medium one is for bronzing while the small one is for concealing and highlight. It's funny because I imagine and gave them each a different purpose. On first use, I use the medium one to apply my foundation then set it with a  pressed powder using the large one. The reason is that I was overwhelmed with the size of the buff brush so I opted for the smaller one to target hard to reach areas. I, then, used the smallest brush for concealing and guess what, they don't work for that purpose.

With few uses, I finally discovered where they work best. The ultimate buff is best for powder foundations both pressed and loose mineral products. I like that the size is huge so it covers a great amount of surface area. However, it doesn't really lessen blending time. I like how it makes my base look airbrushed but I don't like how the brush feels during application. It tugs the skin and I feel like I'm punching my face with this brush. Also, despite the density, it leaves streaks on the skin whether it's powder or liquid.

The same thing goes with the ultimate pop and ultimate cover. I thought the ultimate pop would work well for foundations given the size but it doesn't. I used it to blend my under eye concealer but all it did was leave streaks plus it stresses the skin underneath my eyes. I also find some of the hairs scratchy. And oh, it also absorbs a great amount of liquid product. It sort of work for powder contour and bronzer but you have to be patient in blending because IT. FREAKIN. TAKES. TIME.

The ultimate cover is completely pointless in my opinion. It's just like the ultimate pop but is way smaller. It doesn't work as a concealer brush and neither as highlighter brush. It might work with stick highlighter but the shape, size and the density of the brush is not very ideal as a highlighting brush. I personally would reach for my fan brushes because they work better and is more ergonomic.

So there. I'm quite disappointed with this brush set from Ecotools. Some did like these brushes but I just can't. Anyway, let me know if you have any ideas to make these work! Have a great day!


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