Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Ecotools Complexion Buffer Brush Review

Ecotools Complexion Buffer Brush
Bought for: P398
Bought from: Ecotools

Here's another brush review from Ecotools! I've been loving this brand and its brushes lately that every time I had the chance, I pick up a brush or two or if I have more budget, I pick up some sets just because their brushes are inexpensive but of quality. Going back, today, I will be sharing a brief review on Ecotools Complexion Buffer Brush which is one of the things I bought last September.


The Complexion Buffer is designed with a flat, blunt bristle cut to evenly apply, blend and buff product for a streak-free finish.

Using the flat top of brush, buff product across face using small circular motions. For more definition around cheeks, use the outside rim of the bristles and blend out toward hairline.

This brush has a flat top and is meant for the application of pressed or loose powders. It comes with a sturdy bamboo handle which is I like for it's eco-friendly and the bristles are cruelty-free. It's made of soft quality synthetic fibers that doesn't prick the skin one bit. The bristles are well packed together, not as dense as other buffer brushes that I have but still dense enough on its own.

I don't know how to say it but this brush isn't something I'd reach out for all the time. I like the quality of it - it's just that I don't find it dense enough to blend powders very well and evenly. The brush head as a whole is so soft and flexible and that I'm not supposed to find that bothersome but I do. I prefer denser buffer brushes so in a way, they are stiffer and they would do a better job to disperse product more effectively. I'm not sure if I am making any sense but bottom line is - I don't find it suitable for its purpose. Also, buffer brushes can be versatile and usually supposed to work with liquid products too. So disappointing that this brush does not.

On a lighter note, I like that I can use it to blend my blush. This brush is very light and airy that I get a subtle flush look whenever I use this. Definitely a tool perfect if you are sporting a very natural makeup look! It can also be used to apply fine setting powders though not very ideal as I prefer big, fluffy powder brushes.

I find the brush quite expensive for P398 considering the fact that it has minimal uses, so I would advise you to wait for sale season before your splurge. You don't necessarily need this brush in my opinion but it's not bad to own one either. Skip it if you have a more reliable buffer brush in your stash. Meanwhile, if you love makeup tools so much like me, go buy one. I'm sure you will be able to find other uses for buffer brushes like this.


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