Tuesday, October 1, 2019

It Brushes For Ulta Airbrush Blurring Foundation Brush #101 Review

It Cosmetics Airbrush Blurring Foundation
Bought for: $24 (around P1,300)
Bought from: an online shop

Okay, here's to another brush review. I've been accumulating too much brushes and I thought that maybe before they worn out, I might at least dedicate a post for each one of them. If you are looking for new tools to use (which is probably what made you visit this page), I hope these brush reviews from my own point of view will help you decide which ones are really worth the money and which ones are meant to be skipped.

Today, we'll be talking about this It Cosmetics Airbrush Blurring Foundation Brush ($24) which is an exclusive brush from the partnership of ULTA and It Cosmetics. I've been wanting to buy an It brush for quite some time now except that they don't accept international cards. Good thing, this became available from a local retailer.


Use IT Brushes For ULTA Airbrush Blurring Foundation Brush #101 with your favorite liquid, powder or cream foundation. Dome-shaped brush head allows for controlled, easy-to-use foundation application. Buff in circles or sweep across your skin - either way, the results will be an airbrushed finish!

Hair: Airbrush finish blurring synthetic brush hair
Handle: Makeup bag friendly
Lightweight, durable, rounded comfort-grip handle
Bonus: Rounded comfort grip


Apply your favorite foundation by buffing with circular sweeping motions for an airbrush finish. Blend downward and outward for natural looking application

Beauty BFF Tip: When applying foundation, remember to blend into your jawline for the most natural looking application. Dot foundation on your nose, cheeks, forehead and chin then blend for quick coverage.

The brush comes with a seal and plastic brush cap that actually made sure the brush head doesn't get deformed throughout the entire shipping process. This is the only brush I bought with that kind of packaging. It was very thoughtful of Ulta. Anyway, I threw the cap away and I hope I didn't so you can see how it looked like.

The brush handle has a silver matte color and is made of wood I guess as it's sturdy enough to last for quite a while. The ferrule is silver colored and is made of plastic. The brush head is made of two-toned synthetic bristles which are very, very soft on the skin. It's dome-shaped too which very much reminds me of my Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer. In comparison though, Ulta brush is ever so slightly smaller in dimension and is less dense but still dense on its own.

What I like with buffer brushes like this is that they are very multi-tasking. Take this for example - you can use it for liquid, powder and cream products. Due to the density of the bristles, it blends any type of formulation into the skin very well. I absolutely like how it makes everything looking so airbrushed without tugging the skin. I also get zero streaks whenever I apply my foundation with this brush. Everything looks totally seamless.

The most efficient method with brushes of this type is to buff and blend foundation products in circular or swirling motion. Since the bristles are densely packed together, buffing brushes are perfect if you want a medium coverage.

Overall, I am happy with this brush though if you are looking for a more budget-friendly alternative, the one from Morphe is the best way to go. It Brushes For Ulta Airbrush Blurring Foundation Brush #101 is definitely worth the money but I think I can live with just the cheaper buffer brushes I own. Don't hold back if you want this for your collection (the quality is great!) but if you are just beginning, I would advise to skip this and save some of your money.


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