Thursday, October 10, 2019

Real Vs. Fake Tarte Swirl Power Contour and Bronzer Brush + Review

Tarte Swirl Power Contour and Bronzer Brush
Bought for: $34 (approx. P1,760)
Bought from: an online shop

Here's another brush review but this time it's from a different brand which is Tarte. I'm really quite excited because this brush is the first ever brush I got from the Tarte website and a lot of vloggers has been comparing this particular brush from the bestselling Nars Ita Flat Contour Kabuki Brush ($55). A few of them has been claiming that Tarte's version is way much better in terms of price and blending factor which I cannot really say much about as I haven't tried the one from Nars. I don't know when I' ll be able to afford that since the brand rarely goes on sale and I'm not sure if they ship internationally or deliver to freight forwarding companies. Anyway, $55 is quite steep for a single brush so.


A cruelty free blush and contour brush crafted with a flat bamboo handle and soft, synthetic bristles. Channel the power of tarte’s iconic Amazonian clay cheek formulas with this new eco-chic, pro-quality brush innovation. The flat and versatile, kabuki-inspired brush allows you to sweep on all-over cheek color and hold the easy-grip handle down at an angle to sculpt and slim the contours of the face – it’s as easy as swirl, tilt and define! 


You're only two steps away from slimming and accentuating your best facial features - it's as easy as swirl, tilt define!

1. SWIRL: Swirl brush into your favorite powder blush and apply directly onto apples of cheeks as you would using a standard blush brush.

2. TILT and DEFINE: Tilt brush down at a slight angle to pick up your favorite bronzing or contouring shade and apply directly under cheekbones, underneath chin and across top of forehead for seamless sculpting.

This brush came with a box which I already threw out because it got deformed during the shipping process. Still, I'm glad that the brush inside still looks okay.

I appreciate that Tarte is a cruelty-free brand and they also manufacture their products to be environment-friendly and practical. The bamboo handle is very light and unique but despite that, product doesn't look cheap and flimsy. The name of the brand is slightly embossed on the handle so that's good in case you're forgetful and you needed something to distinguish which is which. Though I doubt you'll ever forget lol.



Just so you are aware, there are imitations for Tarte brushes and I even found one for  this particular brush online! The difference is very distinguishable too. There's more white bristles on the fake one and the shape is more domed compared to the real one. The bamboo handle of the real looks more polished and well-made compared to the fake. Looking through photos, the fake one has a fluffier brush head as you look from the side corner. To be sure, just make sure to purchase from Tarte's website directly or trusted retailer.

The bristles are made of synthetics which are super, super soft. I cannot stress it further! The brush head is flat but still wide so it covers a huge area of the face so it definitely does the job so quickly.  The bristles are well-packed together, they also do not shed and they are dense but still fluffy so it distributes powder so evenly while making sure your contour is well-blended. I love the fact the it blends harsh lines so very well in a matter of few seconds. You definitely will need less effort and time with this brush. I have this contour kit I was thinking of throwing out because the shade and texture doesn't work for me. Just last week though, I gave it another try with this brush and you won't believe it - I'm keeping the contour kit! It just seemed to be waiting for the right tool after all!

Overall, I'm impressed with this Tarte Swirl Power Contour and Bronzer Brush! It's quite expensive for $34 but do not fret, Tarte's doing major sale from time to time so make sure to subscribe and get alerts! If ever you pay it in full price, I still believe that you are getting your money's worth because this brush is also an effective tool to blend not just your contour but your bronzer, blush and highlight as well! It's a brush that you can use for different purposes. Definitely, a must-have brush for me!


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