Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Ecotools 360° Ultimate Sheer Brush Review

Ecotools 360°  Ultimate Sheer Brush
Retail price: P550 ($6.99 in US)
Bought from: Ecotools Lazada

Here's a quick review on a brush that I've been loving lately - Ecotools 360° Ultimate Sheer Brush. I've previously talked about the 360 Ultimate Blend Brush Set and that particular set of blending brushes I did not like. I was hesitant to get this brush initially because I'm tired of disappointments you know (lol), but I pushed through when Lazada went on sale last November 11. It turned out to be one of my best purchases that day after all.


360° Ultimate Sheer consists of air-soft bristles to help provide a weightless, natural-looking base. Dip brush into your favorite powder, tap off excess and sweep onto face in circular motions. Continue until your desired level of coverage.

I'm very particular with stippling brushes like this and so far, I've only come to like a couple brushes other than this. I love the smaller versions which are the Ecotools Stippling Brush and Real Techniques Stippling Brush. I don't like those that are flat and flimsy and those that are made of long bristles. I've had a bit o f experience with makeup brushes that I can tell which is going to work on me the moment I get to touch and feel it. Apparently, I had a good first impression with this brush from Ecotools and the impression did last!

The brush has a different handle than a standard Ecotools brush. I really like the sturdy blush pink handle because it doesn't stain like the regular handles. Also, it's comparable to high end brushes in terms of weight and feel. I just don't like the taklon bristles used because they stain and becomes yellowish/dirty white overtime even though I haven't used them yet. They can't be removed with regular washing either. It doesn't affect its performance though.

I also like the brush name printed on the handle because it gives me the idea of what it's for. I initially thought that this is a stippling foundation brush but it was suggested to be used with a bronzer. Fair enough, the surface area of the brush is quite big so it would cover and buff product so well onto the skin.

I just learned to apply bronzer very recently and it was something I didn't do very much often before. That was one of my biggest mistake in life but I know better now. I'm happy that this brush helps me get the job done faster and it took me a little to no effort in blending. It doesn't leave any harsh lines at all.

I would say that this brush is also multi-tasking as I can use it to blend my foundation in an airbrush finish. What I would do is to apply foundation with a buffer brush and on days I picked up a 'wrong' brush, I could just use this sheer brush to  blend everything in seamlessly. I could also count on this to blend cream products.

Overall, this brush is of great quality so I highly recommend it especially to beginners. It's one of the best Ecotools brushes I own and I don't mind splurging for another one. It's indeed crafted with quality. I can tell because most stippling brush sheds nonstop, this one did not so far after three washes (I wash my brush every after use). It dries in its original shape and I know know one day the bristles shall worn out but I don't think that's very soon.


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