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Leaders Insolution Juicy Pina Colada Bright Mask Review

Leaders Insolution Juicy Pina Colada Bright Mask
Bought for: P189
Bought from: an online shop

I don't usually splurge for facial masks but the overall packaging has an aesthetic value that somehow drown me into carting this mask from Leaders Insolution. I'm quite familiar with this brand but never had the chance to try one of its products (until this) because their sheet masks are quite expensive a piece. Out of curiosity and awe for the packaging, I finally convinced myself to get one.


A glass of refreshing fruit cocktail for your skin! Juicy Pina Colada Mask is made from Fermented Coconut Gel Sheet with Pineapple Extract and Coconut Water clears and moisturizes skin and provides vital care.

Pineapple Fruit Extract is rich in Vitamin A, B, C that brightens skin; Coconut Water gives essential minerals that naturally moisturizes. It also calms and soothes the skin with its cooling effect; The aromatic scent of pineapple provides a pleasant feeling, while using the mask; Bio-Cellulose Mask Sheet; No Parabens, No Phenoxyethanol, No Triethanilamine, No Ethanol. This is recommended for those with dull, rough and unbalanced, irritated, itchy and sun-damaged skin.


  • The Bio-Cellulose Sheet has protective sheet on both sides of the mask.
  • Remove the protective sheet from one side of the mask.
  • Attach the mask without protective sheet, aligning the eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Remove the protective sheet on the other side.
  • Let the skin absorb the essence for 10-20 minutes.
  • Remove the mask and gently pat the skin to let the remaining essence absorb.

When I took the sheet mask out, I immediately unfold it and it was kind of hard because it's dripping with essences. I thought that was amazing because the juice leftovers can be reused for another session or I can just apply to other parts of my body that needed moisture.

One thing I noticed is that it has 3 layers of sheet masks. I thought that was weird so I remove the first two layers off my face so I can reuse the other two. I also did that because the size of the mask is too big and it doesn't fit well to the contours of my skin. I ran through the description one more time and found out that the real sheet mask is the one in between the two protective films. That's the reason why the mask doesn't feel right on my face as it's kind of rough and irritating. Please don't think I'm stupid. :D Come to think of it, it's the essence that we're after, right? :P

the protective film

the actual sheet mask

The actual mask actually feels like it's made of hydrogel and I like that it adheres to the skin very well. Though the size is still a bit baggy on my face, I was able to move it freely so that every part of my skin gets covered. I like how soft and smooth the mask is and despite the texture, it doesn't tear very easily.

This facial mask has a cooling effect and my skin is instantly refreshed and pampered. The pineapple is okay but could be bothersome to those who have very sensitive sense of smell.

Just like what I have said, this mask is very hydrating so does give off a slightly sticky layer but thankfully, it doesn't clog the pores. This is even better for those with dry skin types. The next day, I woke up with supple, healthy and smooth-looking skin! It also improves the skin's natural glow.

The mask is very innovative and does feel so good on the skin. It's quite expensive for a one-time use product, but is definitely worth it. This is a nice facial skincare that you can count on especially when you are having dry, scaly and dull skin. With regular use, skin is more supple and hydrated.


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