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Mustus Chlo Gauze Peeling Pad Review

Mustus Chlo Gauze Peeling Pad
Bought for: Free | SRP: P1,540
From: Charis Celeb

Hm, so when was the last time I blogged about skincare apart from face masks? I couldn't remember! It was probably because I haven't had much time tweaking my routine and it seemed like I was doing 'shortcut' skincare for the past months. There were times I only use toners or moisturizers on their own but I'm still proud of myself for not skipping the cleansing step! I just had to remind myself to get a cleansing oil because after Althea Korea Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser, I felt like I cannot live without one anymore!

Anyway, I'm talking all unrelated stuff to where our spotlight will be in this blog so I guess let's just move forward. Today, I'll be sharing my thoughts about these Mustus Chlo Gauze Peeling Pads I've been using for more than two weeks now. It's one of the skincare items I got from Charis.

Mustus is an unfamiliar brand to me until Charis. It's an independent brand and I'm really grateful that I discover them. So far, I'm liking how it works on me in conjunction with other Mustus products I'll be reviewing in my upcoming blogs.


This peeling pad eliminates old keratin and impurities with mild peeling PHA, while smoothing out skin texture with parsley extract containing chlorophyll.


Use the gauze side to intensively wipe skin with keratin and impurities, excluding eye areas. Then, use the soft side to refine skin texture.


Product comes in tiny mint green packets and I honestly love it because it looks so pleasing to the eyes and also, they are travel-friendly. You can just simply pop a few sachets on your skincare kit as you travel and use it anytime you want. Every time I tear a packet open, I got this thinking that what I'm putting on my skin is fresh and clean - something that gets exposed to air for the first time. The lesser time it gets exposed, the lesser contaminants there is. I don't have a basis for that comment, it's just my OCD. Lol.

The sachets are housed in an eco-friendly brown bag that has information about the product such as directions, volume, ingredients and stuff. Looking through it, I know these products are made to be cruelty-free.


Inside of it are rectangular shaped gauze pads that has a textured side and a plain, soft side. The textured (gauze) side is meant to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells and the other one is what I use for extra cleansing. I rarely use the gauze because it's a bit rough for my liking and whenever I do, I just rub it all over my face and neck in just one go.

The soft side is what I use every single time because it's so soft and gentle on the skin. Also, it effectively removes excess oil and dirt - see for yourself as the pad changes in color.

Each pad is soaked in clear, runny essence which is enough for three uses. I don't recommend this but if you wanna save a  bit, you can cut each gauze into two. If you have small areas to cover, a half pad is enough to tone and hydrate your skin. Why three? There are so much essence left even after consuming both pads that you can still soak a clean, dry cotton ball for a third use! No kidding!

However, if you wish to cut your skincare routine short, you can just use the whole gauze to exfoliate, tone and hydrate with the remaining essence. Either way, I think these pads are a great value for money.


These products is rich in vegan-friendly ingredients like Parsley Extract that contains Chlorophyll. I didn't know that is a great skincare ingredient but oh well, in this era, you can put almost anything to products lol. It also has  mild peeling PHA - which I had to Google because I'm only familiar with BHA and AHA lol - which is great for sensitive skin that is prone to irritation and redness. It's also a milder type of acid that moisturizes the skin and increases cell renewal. That's great if you find AHA and BHA quite strong for your skin type.

Using this for weeks, my skin has become more supple and less irritated and I feel a lesser need for using heavy duty moisturizers. My skin feels calmer and it seems to absorb everything that I put on after. It also doesn't feel heavy on the skin, it's incredibly light and it doesn't clog my pores. I experienced breakouts in the first three days but they disappeared with regular use.

Overall, Mustus Chlo Gauze Peeling Pad is a great product to use. I'm just contemplating whether or not to repurchase because it's not cheap, you know? If you have the money and if you want something pure and natural, you better spend for these. It works for all skin types!


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