Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Sigma Beauty F42 Strobing Fan Brush Review

Sigma Beauty F42 Strobing Fan Brush
Price: $18 (approx. P950)
Bought from: SM Beauty

Hello, everyone! I haven't had much time to create blogs last week so I'll try my best to publish all drafted posts I have in queue since I still have a day off. Today, I'll be sharing a quick review about a fan brush I got from Sigma.

We all know Sigma Beauty - it's one of the most popular makeup brush brand out there. I personally like most brushes I got from them because quality and performance are really worth your every penny. I've hated a few but they're nothing compared to the ones I absolutely love. What we have and we're going to talk about this time is this Sigma Beauty F42 Strobing Fan Brush.


Your next highlight staple, this short SigmaTech® fiber fan applies and diffuses cream and powder products precisely for a strobe effect.

Just like all Sigma Beauty brushes, this one is cruelty-free and comes with 2-year warranty. The handle is made of responsibly-sourced, lightweight wood handles and has 8 coats of paint plus primer for lasting beauty. I like that the brand and brush name is printed on the handle because it's beginner's friendly and anyone will have an idea on where it can be used best.

This brush comes with a silver ferrule that is made of durable, corrosion-resistant SigmaAlloy and precious-metal plating for shine plus strength. The bristles are synthetic and anti-microbial and you know that I prefer synthetic over natural bristles when it comes to makeup brushes as I find them longer-lasting. Also, I don't like thinking of harmed animals when I'm doing my makeup so there. They absorbs less product in my opinion and the bristles stay in shape much longer.

Sigma Beauty F42 Strobing Fan Brush has jet black bristles that are soft and dense. I like the size as I can control the area that I want to be highlighted. With this brush, I can highlight my brow bone, nose and chin with ease. It picks up a good amount of product and does a very good job in blending whether it's cream or powder product. It also cleanses very well and shedding was never a problem.

This is a brush that gives you the perfect natural highlight without ripping off your pocket. No wonder it was rated 5 out of 5 in Sigma Beauty website! Such a steal, you all. Now I can say that this is one of those Sigma brushes that made it to my top 10!


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