Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Ecotools Ultimate Concealer Duo Review

Ecotools Ultimate Concealer Duo
Bought for: P450 | SRP: P650
Bought from: Ecotools in Lazada

Time, why on hurry? 2019 is almost about to end and here's me still can't keep up with all these drafts and reviews that pile up nonstop. I'm gonna try my best to post as many as I can today and tomorrow so let's see. Without further ado, here's a short review about Ecotools Ultimate Concealer Duo which is part of my haul last 11:11 Lazada sale.


A pair of concealer brushes to cover imperfections. This set blends liquid products seamlessly and precisely. It includes Detail Concealer Brush (to target spots and conceal discoloration) and Airbrush Concealer (to blend and blur harsh lines). These are perfect for a flawless, spotless complexion.

I intend to keep this blog short because I honestly didn't like them so there's nothing much to say. 'Like' is even probably an understatement because I hated this duo and I think these types of brushes should cease to exist.

Update: I checked Ecotools website and they seem to revamp this duo. Now there's three heads instead of two - the detail and airbrush concealer brushes are now in a dual-ended packaging and they added a different brush to the set which they call the Correct Concealer brush which looks like a mini kabuki.

I have no say on the packaging - it's the typical Ecotools eco-friendly bamboo handles with brush names on the end. The detail concealer looks like a mini paddle-type brush while the Airbrush Concealer looks like a mini duo-fiber brush - both of which aren't my preference for liquid products. I still gave them a try because I was looking for good concealer brushes to add to my collection.

One thing I didn't like is that they are small enough for me not to count on for faster blending and application. They're probably okay only for spot concealing. Second, they are both irritating to use. Both brush head, especially the airbrush concealer, don't have the softest bristles and whenever I apply products with these, I feel like some tiny mustache/beard hairs are piercing my pores.

I'm quite picky with makeup brushes and I only keep the ones that are gentle and clearly, Ecotools Ultimate Concealer Duo didn't make it to the cut. The bristles aren't something to die for. They look dirty and they stain so much. They don't do a great job in blending either for they leave streaks and whatnot. I hope to find better ways of using them or else, I'm throwing them away. They are quite pricey for P650 and I think I could buy so much more better brushes for that price.

Do let me know what you think of these by sharing your thoughts down below! Looking forward for a chat with you! Happy blogging!


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