Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Sigma Beauty F23 Soft Tapered Contour Brush Review

Sigma Beauty F23 Soft Tapered Contour Brush
Bought for: P480 | SRP: $27 (approx. P1,400)
Bought from: SM Beauty

Just wanna drop by and flex this makeup brush I've been using nonstop lately. It was one of my best purchases this year because it's a brand's bestseller and I got it on a huge discount! I've been planning to get it from the official website of Sigma Beauty but paying the regular price keeps me holding back. Imagine my happiness when I finally was able to get one for myself!


Say hello to your new must-have contour brush! Perfect for creating a gentle, everyday contour, this fluffy SigmaTech® fiber brush lets you quickly sweep on blush or bronzer. Free 2-Year Warranty. Cruelty-Free + Vegan.

Function: Sweep on blush or bronzer
Unique Feature: Soft, angled brush head
Recommended Use: Create a soft, gentle, everyday contour with powder products
Coverage: Sheer to Medium; Buildable

Additional Info:
Contour jawline + along hairline
Create a chiseled look
Blend contour powder
Emphasize natural contours

This brush comes in a sturdy plastic packaging which I threw away because I don't like plastics, well, that's actually the main reason and I don't think I'll ever use that one  for storage. As expected and always typical to every Sigma brushes, the F23 Soft Tapered Contour Brush is made from the highest-quality fibers (exclusive synthetic antimicrobial fibers). The ferrule is very sturdy as it's made of durable and corrosion-resistant SigmaAlloy™, precious metal plating for shine and strength. The responsibly sourced, lightwood handles are also sleek and durable and is covered with 8 coats of paint plus primer for lasting beauty.

You can really tell that a lot of money and hard work are put into it because the brush has a weight to it and everything looks just polished and even. I bought my first ever makeup brushes from Sigma Beauty and up until now, they look like they've just been bought. Of course, you have to make sure to clean and store them properly.

The brush head is very dense and angled so it easily mimics the shape and hugs the contour of the face. It's very similar to Sigma F84 Angled Kabuki except this one is slightly bigger. It's made of dense bristles that are very, very soft and I cannot stress how much they are of quality. It feels so gentle on the skin and I like that it retains its shape perfectly no matter how many times I wash it. Also, it doesn't shed at all.

This brush lives up to its promise of blending your contour very well and ensure that they look soft and natural. The dense brush does blends everything seamlessly, ensuring that you don't get that sharp,  harsh lines. This brush is very easy to work with and it fits right perfectly to where I want to apply my contour.

Another thing that turns me on is the fact that this brush is multi-tasking too. It can be used as a blush brush or as a finishing brush to dust away excess makeup or powder. You can even use it to set everything to place or use it to apply powder foundation.

I think I will always be a forever fan of this brush and if ever Sigma gets on sale again, I'm sure to repurchase! Any favorites from Sigma you wanna care to share? Happy blogging!


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