Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Luxie Beauty ProTools Collection Brushes at $10 Each

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Hey, you - I have a secret to tell! Did you know that Luxie Beauty has a luxurious line to offer wherein a piece from the collection ranges from $20-$40. It's called their ProTools Collection but isn't as popular as their Rose Gold line but is way so much better (at least in my opinion). It appears now that these brushes are being sold at a heavily-discounted price of only $10 a piece! That's about what? 70-80% off the regular price? Steal!

I did a haul already (and I'll be sharing them with you soon!) and if you still haven't, get your cards now because this sale won't last forever. All sales are final and I feel like these gorgeous and amazing brushes will forever cease to exist. While they are still here, go on and get them - you won't regret the splurge, I swear!


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