Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Tarte Limited Edition Artful Accessories Brush Set Review

Tarte Limited Edition Artful Accessories Brush Set
Bought for: P1500 | SRP: $44 (around P2200)
Bought from: an online shop

Hey, there! Because I felt like I wasn't able to fulfill my 2019 goal - wherein I should post reviews of all the makeup brushes I own, both individual and by sets - I'm starting 2020 with a blog review featuring this vibrant, elaborately-designed brushes I got from the brand, Tarte. This is the so-called Artful Accessories Brush Set. By just hearing the name without seeing, you will really have this fancy-looking, adorable brushes in mind. The set features five brushes in total with 3 face and 2 eye brushes which, for me, is definitely a great number for the price I paid for.

Aside from the brushes, you get this plastic gold brush holder which I ended up recycling as a holder for my travel-sized skincare items. The brushes are made of soft, synthetic bristles which I kind of expected because the brand promotes cruelty-free products. I like that despite several washes, the bristles are able to maintain their shape and they don't become flimsy whatsoever. The overall aesthetic is okay and perhaps, my only disappointment are the patterns on the brushes as they can be easily rubbed off. I wouldn't be surprised if one day, all that's left are the gold. Hmm, I think they wouldn't look so bad anyway for gold is classic!


This is a multipurpose brush that I basically use as a powder brush. But! You don't label a brush solely for one purpose because this brush right here is indeed multitasking! You can use it with your favorite bronzer, contour or blush. The brush head is quite dense and soft that you won't have any hard time blending your powder products into your face. It picks up a great amount of product and really makes your life so much easy.


This brush has a dome-shaped head and I have this instinct that brushes like this are mostly for buffing foundations, be it creams or powder. This one particular brush reminds me of Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer and It Brushes For Ulta Airbrush Blurring Foundation Brush #101 - just a tad bit smaller. The brush itself is dense and super soft that it blends makeup in a seamless finish. The result is even and with this brush you can get a sheer to medium coverage.


This brush has a paddle-like shape and it got me into a huge thinking why the heck Tarte named this a highlighter brush? Do you know why? I mean can you even imagine? Because I cannot and for that fact, I don't use this as a highlighter brush unless of course, there's no other choice. This is the most boring brush for me in this collection and I just consider it as a takeaway. It's not that bad for I can use it to set my under eyes but most of the time, it sits on the part of my vanity where I reach out not too often.


This is one of my favorite brushes in this collection because this brush is domed and dense enough to pack on base eye shadows and define the crease. It's also a multipurpose brush because the density makes it suitable for blending and spot concealing. It sheds about twice during wash but never again after that.


This brush is flimsy compared to the rest of the brushes in the collection and has quite long bristles. That makes it great for blending the eye makeup and make sure everything is well-dispersed and seamless. Because of the length though, you cannot count on it for precision. The size of the brush head is great for highlighting the small areas of the face like the brow bone and bridge of the nose.

You cannot really expect to achieve a full makeup with just these five brushes and more often than not, you will find yourself reaching out to something else on your vanity. However, given the quality of the bristles and the adorable patterns, you're still getting more than what you're actually paying for. Tarte are famous for sales and discounts so that's really something to offer!


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