Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Real Techniques Instapop Face Brush Review

Hey, there! It's been a while! I've been binge-watching some Korean dramas that the intensity of the series made me divert my focus and alter my priorities LOL. Anyway, checking everything in my draft folder - it seems like we have too much makeup brushes to review so we'll start off with this Real Techniques Instapop Face Brush I got from a reputable online retailer. If I am not mistaken, the brand released three brushes under the Instapop Collection but because it sucks that we're living in the Philippines so stocks are very limited. I looked up wherever I can and so far, they only have this biggest brush in the collection.

This brush retails for $10.99 when you're someone who's buying from overseas/US site but because of tax and shipping, I got mine for P650 which I think is a pretty decent price. The version I got is the revamped one because way back 2017 or 2018, the first release of this collection had them in the old packaging (orange handle and black rubber butt). I've always liked the old packaging of Real Techniques if you would ask me but production has been halted so the new version will do.

As you can see, it comes in a salmon pink brass handle (?) and a darker shade of pink on the bottom. I loved the quality of Real Techniques brushes as they never shed at all even with numerous washes. The brush heads flare very minimally but nothing a cheap brush net wouldn't fix. I think that the bristles are very soft in general and is made of high quality synthetic hairs. The handle is sturdy and the name imprinted on it doesn't come off so easily. I've always think that they are the best drugstore brushes you'll find out there in terms of price and performance.

According to the website, the Instapop Face Brush is designed for full coverage setting, baking and powder application. Product features include extreme taper for concentrated application and is ideal for loose powders. This brush is 100% cruelty-free.

For me, the shape is unusual but effective. It reminds me of my old Marc Jacobs Face Brush II - Sculpting Foundation Brush which I got for over 2k. You can buy Instapop for a fraction of its price. Instapop is just bigger and less denser than that of the Marc Jacobs'. The brush has a greater flexibility so it can reach the nooks and curves of the face. Since it's not that firm, I just think that it's not the best choice for blending base makeups like foundation and concealers. This is my own personal preference though. I know other people who like to use this brush for liquid foundation application and they claim that this gives light coverage.

Anyway, it's not intended for liquid makeups but because of the shape, I thought of experimenting a bit and maybe I could find other uses more than what it's made for.

What I like about this brush is the softness of the bristles (won't scratch the face at all) and the tapered edge so it's really great for packing loose powders on the face or setting the face after you apply your foundation. It's really great for baking under the eyes too. The size of the brush head makes it applicable for blush and bronzer. It picks up a great amount of pigment and then pack it to your skin with minimal fallouts.

Despite all the good things we've heard about this brush, I wouldn't recommend splurging for this because there are other brushes that are more versatile and would do a better job. I just got this brush out of impulse since I am a makeup brush collector and that it feels right to own even just one brush from the collection. Overall, it's a good, useful brush but if I am to separate my top and holy grails, this wouldn't count as one.

Do you own an instapop brush? Care to share your thoughts?

Real Techniques Instapop Face Brush
Bought for: P650 | SRP: $10.99
Bought from: an online retailer

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