Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Product Empties: March 2020

Time flies by so swiftly, don't you think? We're down to the second quarter of 2020 and here I am thinking, where the hell did the past few months go? What have I achieved in my life this year? Hmm. I couldn't think of any truthfully. But anyway, there's barely enough time for going back, much more for regrets. Let's just move forward and discuss about the products I emptied last month.

I was thinking of sharing a glimpse of review per item on the picture but most likely, I'll be posting a separate full review for each so just scratch that. You might wanna check the links down below for the full feature. In case links are broken, you can use my search bar instead. Kamsahamnida! :)

Pond's White Beauty Spotless Rosy White Day Cream
Scent Swatch Pink Sherbet Eau de Parfum
Esme Organics Honey Cold Wax

I guess that's everything. I'm looking forward for more products to hit pan for the next few months! What about you?

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