Thursday, May 21, 2020

Quarantine Shopping: Real Techniques Makeup Brush Haul

It’s been a while. I’m super entangled with this 2014 action romance series, Healer, so I couldn’t really find time to blog for the past few days. I’ve also been decluttering stuff and posting them online to make way for new purchases and to also make some money in order to survive in this crisis lol.

But of course, the impulsive me is still unstoppable. I’ve spent some time in Shopee browsing for new makeup brushes specifically from the brand Real Techniques. They have been releasing limited edition brush sets and revamping their packaging from time to time that I couldn’t keep up. Unfortunately, we are no  US citizens so no matter how hard I try to keep my hands on all the latest releases, availability and delivery period are never allowing me.

So whenever I see a brush set or an individual brush being sold at my convenience, I just couldn’t help it. Here I wanna share the brushes I was able to collect this quarantine period.

This set is called the Real Techniques Summer Nights Set which was released some time last year if I am not mistaken. It features five full-size brushes - all of which (except the RT 200 Expert Face Brush) you cannot buy individually. This is what’s great about buying sets. Not only you get to save on the possible individual cost, you also get brushes that are innovative. Of course, everything feels durable and the synthetic hairs are soft. I got this from the shop @andreanuguid for only P850 plus some cashback.

Here we have individual brushes - Real Techniques Complexion Blender and RT 201 Powder brushes. Maybe you are wondering why I have two of the powder brush? Well, you can never have too many, right? Lol. Kidding aside, I love big brushes but it doesn’t make sense to own two of the same kind. Honestly, I just realized it now so I am selling the other one right after I post this haha!

Anyway, for those who are wondering, I got the complexion blender (P480) and one powder brush (P522) from @radium88 and the other powder brush (P500) from @angelasam1.

Then I also got myself the Real Techniques Eye Shade + Blend Set (P500) and Mini Miracle Complexion Sponges (P450) from @myfaveshop. Their name speak so much about my feelings for them. This is one of my favorite shops as they have a lot of authentic makeup tools and customer service is really good. The seller is also accomodating of my petty requests.

I actually already have the eye set in the old packaging and I even have the deluxe crease brush in the new one (got it from another makeup brush set) so basically that leaves me with two base shadow brushes and three deluxe crease brushes in my stash. Remind me to get rid of the extras, again!

Here are few other brushes I got from different sets - Real Techniques Artist Essentials Set and Real Techniques Everyday Essentials. I apologize because I forgot to include the smaller brushes in the picture.

The first brush is called the Instapop Face Brush which has an angled side. I got it for P580 from @radium888. This is an okay brush but I don’t find myself reaching out for it often.

The RT Artist Essentials has five brushes (foundation, contour, highlighter, blush, liner, lipstick) in the collection and all of which you cannot buy separately. I got it for P1000 from the same shop. For me, this is one of the best makeup brush set out there. All of the brushes are versatile and the way they were shaped is very efficient too. 

From @sydeshoppe, I got the Everyday Essentials Set. And unlike the other collection, it comes with four full size brushes (blush, setting/highlighting, concealer,  and buff) and a miracle sponge. Every piece in this collection, you can buy individually so if that’s what you are planning, just get the entire set to save more. I got mine for P1050. That leaves me paying for only P210 a brush! Sweet!

So that’s it for today! I am still excited to find and try more brushes and I promise to write them a review in the future!

How about you? What have you been splurging on this quarantine season?

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