Monday, May 11, 2020

Real Techniques Artist Essentials Makeup Brush Set Review

I haven't done a thorough research yet but I think there's not much written reviews about these Real Techniques Artist Essentials Makeup Brush Set. I am happy to be able to write one myself. I cannot help myself from buying makeup brush sets from Real Techniques whenever I find available stocks from legit resellers online. It's not everyday that local beauty stores here in the Philippines restock on brushes so I consider myself lucky to be able to snag this particular set when I had the chance.

Five (5) full-sized face and eye brushes make up the Artist Essentials Collection. They come in different solid colors and sheer brass handles that contribute greatly to the overall aesthetic of the brushes. Correct me if I'm wrong but all the brushes here are limited editions and cannot be bought individually. Most RT brushes in sets comes in different sizes and shapes and sad news, they aren't here for long. This is the main reason why I am buying them. For a makeup brush collector like me, variations of brushes are important, not just quantity.

I guess RT is finally clearing off the old RT packaging - the ones with black rubber handles. I like the old packaging but I think they have their reasons for the revamp. One of the good things is that we could have better options. There are a lot of counterfeit RT brushes that look similarly like the old ones so with these changes, we can now make sure that we're only buying authentic pieces.

The handles still have the brush names so despite their versatility, it's nice to get familiar with them and to know what purpose they serve.

The brush heads are made of soft, synthetic bristles and as always, the overall look and feel is very sturdy and definitely of quality. My old Real Techniques brushes have been with me for years. The oldest are like seven years old and with proper care and storage, they can even last for more years.

I have used and washed these for more than five times in two months and I'm not surprised at all that they do not shed and they also keep the shapes intact. A bit flaring occurs from time to time especially to the Spotlight Fan and Soft Accent but brush nets always are my remedy. They are also easy to clean with minimal to no staining with my BeautyBlender Liquid Cleanser.

The best thing  about RT brushes are the price! A set ranges from P1000-1250 depends on where you buy it but I got mine for only P1000 after applying discounts and points plus free shipping! Anyway, let's talk about each brush.

The RT 217 Expert Edge Large  has a symmetrical cut featuring five unique edges; precisely apply liquid or cream foundation and contour makeup. This is similar to one of my favorites - Real Techniques Expert Face Brush from my buffing brushes. It has a domed head but has three multifaceted angles that blends makeup seamlessly in all areas of the face. The tip allows it to apply foundations on hard to reach areas like sides of the nose and lips. The size is enough to blend your contour like a dream too. For an additional function, you can use it for baking and setting the under eyes. It works for both liquid and creams. 

The RT 421 Soft Accent has a soft, tapered cut that blend cream highlighter or blush. I tried it as a concealer brush but it doesn't work well because it's not as dense as I expected. For me, it's even small to be used a blush brush unless you really don't have a choice. I'm just used to medium-sized, fluffy brush heads to do my blush.

The Soft Accent brush has a tapered cut on one end and it's like a smaller version of Real Techniques Instapop Face Brush. The cut makes it easy to put on top of the cheekbones to apply highlighter. The size and feature make it more applicable for setting the undereyes and other smaller part of the faces. Despite not much uses, I'm still keeping it because again, I like variations in my brush stash and the pink handle is just too cute.

The RT 420 Spotlight Fan has a precision fan shape that softly glide powder contour makeup or highlighter. This is the very first duo-fiber fan brush I ever own and I don't know but I am liking the trend haha! I didn't like duo-fiber stippling brushes in general but if they are shaped like a fan brush, I think I am buying.

This particular brush has a light pink handle that adds an extra oomph to the overall look. The brush head is kind of dense on the bottom but sheer on the top part. It disperses highlighter in the most natural way possible. You can even use it to powder your face very lightly especially if your have dry skin that doesn't need to much setting. You can also use it to lightly contour and bronze. Just a very effective brush that's worth keeping.

The RT 317 Smudge Liner  has a thin, angled bristles to apply and smudge liquid or cream eyeliner. This brush feels and look just like my favorite Zoeva 322 Brow Line Brush - it's firm, thin, wide and it gets the job done faster. The size is about the same except the bristles of the RT brush is much more flexible. On the other hand, the one from RT is advised to be used an eyeliner brush. You know that brushes are supposed to be versatile so we can use it however it pleases us.

I think this brush is effective to create perfect strokes and to smudge it for a nicer effect. However, I have small, round eyes so I reach out to thinner and smaller liner brushes more. I think I will be using this as a brow brush and I will keep it because of the solid purple handle.

The RT 425 Lip Smudge has dense, domed bristles to apply and blend cream lipsticks and liners. This is like your basic pointed pencil brush and I'd like to use it to smudge and blend eyeliners on my lower lash whenever possible. What I like about this is the softness and density of the brush that makes gentle enough even for lip use. This brush works well for the lips but I would like it to be a little bit smaller.

Overall, Real Techniques Artist Essentials Makeup Brush Set is one of the best brush collection I purchased from Real Techniques. The bristles are incredible soft and the handles are really cute! I really like every single brush in this set and I think they are just a great investment whether or not you are a professional.

What is your favorite brush/brush set from Real Techniques?

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