Friday, May 8, 2020

Sexy Boom Breast Up Dietary Supplement: Effective or Not?

I feel a little embarrassed sharing this blog but for the sake of everyone who are madly looking for a review of Sexy Boom Dietary Supplements, allow me to do so. Please don't think I'm vain or desperate. My intention is purely to share my overall experience and recurring side effects. I've been getting lots of queries about this product on my Shopee account after purchasing from Shopee Mall.

Prior to splurging for over P3000, I also googled for real reviews of this famous Thailand product. Uortunately, there are very little to no informative articles available online. I've only seen a few sellers and exaggerated claims and testimonies that I think are just plain paid sponsorship and marketing. It was very frustrating but being a moderate risk taker as I always am (which I found out after answering Gcash Invest Money questionnaire to know my investing appetite), I finally caved in and bought a total of five boxes (15 caps per box) which is supposed to be enough for a month and a half.

Busty breasts and more defined curves are my greatest insecurities. I always envy girls with 34-36 bust size and even those who can afford surgeries. I'm not crazy yet to pay thousands for silicone boobs not only because it scares me but because I simply cannot afford it LOL. To be honest, my hopeless case makes me consider it but chivalry and fate still gives me hope that however I look, someone out there will love and appreciate me. After all, curves doesn't define womanhood.


Enhance your womenly features naturally with Sexy Boom. Helps increase your chest size with all natural ingredients. Natural herbal extracts to help increase chest size and firmness; smoothens and perfects complexion; improves and enhances blood circulation; helps with post menopausal women; helps balance your hormones. See results in 2-3 weeks of regular in take. Results may vary. FDA approved. GMP certfiied. HALAL certified.


Isolate Soy Protein: 100mg/ Cordyceps Extracts: 100mg/ Lychee See Extract: 100mg/ Dong Quai Extract: 100mg/ Coenzyme Q10: 30mg/ Alpha Lipolic Acid: 20mg/ Grape Seed Extract: 10mg/ Ascorbic Acid: 10mg/ Zinc Amino Acid: 10mg/ Marine Collagen: 10mg/ Collagen Peptide: 10mg


The box is rectangular, has pink and white theme and is sealed in plastic. The back part shows the ingredient and concentration as well as the directions for use, expiry and manufacturing dates. It's good that they have English translation too for international buyers like us.

Now be careful when buying these supplements. I bought the first 2 boxes from a suspicious seller online and I was just overwhelmed as to how cheap she sells these on her account.One box from her is only P650 while the registered shop from Shopee Mall offers a box for P995. P650 per 15 capsules is still too much but I only could think of the 345-peso savings at that time. I asked her in a polite manner, careful not to offend her, if her items are authentic and she immediately got back to me and said yes. She told me that those were excess from her stash that she decides to just sell for less. Out of curiosity, I asked her why. I was still waiting for her to say that that they are not effective so I can just forget about it, but she gave me only vague explanations that eventually had me backing off.

Anyway, I wanted to see the results myself so despite being skeptical, I just decided to buy from her. Twice. The lack of reviews made me think that it's not at all effective and that Sexy Boom is just lying about these supplements being a bestseller in Thailand. If they are, shouldn't there be at least some people who would talk about it online? But then again, being open like that in public might appear as bold yet embarrassing move for some just like how I am feeling right now. Anyway, that sparked my curiosity even more. 

Moving forward, I wasn't aware then that Sexy Boom have counterfeit products. It only gave me a hint after buying 5 more boxes from a different shop. I was still hesitant but I wanted to see the end even though they will not be favorable. I eventually found out that a registered shop under Shopee Mall (@brightskinphilippines) also sells authentic Thai products (at least what they claim). One box with 15 capsules retails for P995. The good thing is that they offer wholesale prices - P725 (2-4 boxes) and P625 (5 boxes and more). They also offer 10-20% cashback on top of that. I bought it on a Tuesday so I got 20% cashback from the total amount I originally paid. Doing the Math, I got 625 worth of Shopee coins back in my account (1 Shopee Coin = P1). I wished I knew this shop first but I couldn't be more thankful because that was then when I figured out that one or the other is fake.

I couldn't remember if there's any difference at all in the outer cardboard box. They are pretty much the same in my memory. I didn't dare take a photograph of the first 2 boxes I bought because I never thought I would be writing this blog. The lilac-colored capsules appear pretty much the same as well. The only significant thing I could remember from the first 2 boxes to the ones I bought from Shopee Mall is the appearance of the blister packs. The back aluminum foil from the first seller is plain silver/gray which reminds of me those candies we loved to buy during our childhood years. Nothing fancy at all. Now the ones I got from @brightskinphilippines were painted black and pink with the letters SXY. The blister pack as a whole is smaller in size than the former ones I own.

Here's the catch though - I don't have any proof that the first 2 boxes are fakes and the ones I bought from Shopee Mall are authentic. The lack of information online is frustrating. My only proof is what my guts is telling me. I believe that Shopee Mall won't partner with sneaky, suspicious sellers. I think no one as big as Shopee would put their brand on the line. Secondly, the one with colors and prints looks more premium to me. The ones I bought from the first seller just looks cheap and to be honest, my initial thought was "so this is P650?". I was kind of expecting something with a more pleasing aesthetic considering the price.


These are the very first breast enlargement supplements that I have tried though there are still others that you probably are more familiar with. These works like Vitamins not just for the breasts and butts, but also for the skin because of the aforementioned ingredients. The very popular and the first on the list is the Collagen. None of the ingredients sounds threatening to me. Taking this for more than a month, I noticed my skin breaking out less. It's also working with my current skin care. Right now, my skin is more glowing, smoother and less textured.

FIRST SELLER: I took the first 30 caps for 15 days (one before eating in the morning and one before eating at night). I started on the first day of my menstruation in March as advised. Taking the first 30 caps, I noticed that my stomach was always upset. I also had the urge to puke from time to time. My poop is always not as solid as if I have lactose intolerance. My menstruation was not the same as usual and the color of the blood is slightly different. I had a hard time releasing blood so there's the discomfort. I also had menstruation for 2 days when it's normally 4-5.

SECOND SELLER: Since I felt like I was using fake supplements, I decided to do it over again this time with the new capsules I bought from Shopee Mall. Again, as advised, 2 caps per day on the first month and 1 cap per day on the succeeding months. Now here's the side effect that I am most concerned about. Basically, I started using the capsules from this seller around 4th week of March. I haven't had my menstruation for the month of April. You know the cycle. Normally, we shed blood every after 28 days. It's even more alarming because this is the very first time I skipped a menstruation. Yes, it's never happened before. Until now, I was waiting for it but it's never coming. To give you an idea, the last menstruation I had was before ECQ which started March 15 in the Philippines. It's now May 7 yet nothing!

I know what you're probably thinking right now. Oh god no. I AM NOT PREGNANT. FOR SOME REASONS, I JUST KNOW HAHA!

 Aside from this, I'm not feeling anything different in my stomach unlike what happened previously when I was taking the first 30 capsules from the first seller.

Now for the moment of truth, is Sexy Boom Dietary Supplements effective or not?

You cannot expect a significant boost in your bust size by consuming 75 capsules (5 boxes). However, with this short period of time, it's a miracle that my breasts feel firmer and heavier than before. I truly notice a slight change in my breast size. There's now more tone and curve to it. My breasts didn't jump from A-cup to B-cup and I'm not disappointed at all because as a beauty enthusiast, I'm used to the saying that miracles don't happen overnight. As a breast enhancer, it does its job slowly but surely. I couldn't tell as to when I'll wear a B-cup bra because I'm too flat (LOL) and far from being busty but I'm already happy on the fact that I'm now more conscious not wearing bra at home.

I think we're lucky for having these products available to us. Those with sagging skin can be transformed to firmer ones with religious use. One of the most common problems of taking oral supplements are bad skin and hair but I never had those problems. My skin is just clearer and I think it's also because of this supplement.

As for the menstruation part, I'm still observing myself. I hope this is just the start and it's possible that my body is still adapting to this new supplement. I wouldn't count from the time I consume the first 2 boxes because I'm still convinced that those are not legit. So let's say we just had a month and a half of roadtesting. I'm still waiting for the next batch to arrive - the ECQ won't hasten the delivery, unfortunately. Let me know if you wish for me to give you an update probably quarterly? What do you say?

Have you tried Sexy Boom Dietary Supplements? Any thoughts?

UPDATE (05/10/20): I spoke to another reseller of Thai beauty products (Luxe Queen PH). I asked her if the plain and the printed one are both authentic. What she said was that the printed is a newer version. Let's give her the benefit of the doubt. It's possible that the first signs of side effects were because my body is still adjusting. Nonetheless, both have an impact on my menstrual cycle. I will still update this from time to time for any changes.

UPDATE (01/01/21): For everyone who's asking, I'm no longer taking this supplement. Like always, it delays my period and I don't want to compromise my health for something that's not really very important (at least for me). For a short period of time, I would say that it makes the bust firmer so I think that maybe using it longer will yield a better result. If you are only planning to use it like 1-2 months, don't expect that you will be satisfied with the result.

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  1. Hi sis, thank you for this AMAZING review. I know it's a bit embarrassing talking about this kind of stuff but kudos to you for being brave. I will also try this but I wanted to know when did you had your menstruation after taking this supplement. Like you, I never missed my period and Im became a bit hesistant when I read your review. Are you still using it? So far, how was it? Do you think Luxe Queen PH sells authentic sexy boom? Coz to be honest, her price is less expensive than bright skin haha sorry if I ask to many questions. Cheers!

    1. Sorry for the late response! I had my menstruation but the cycle was unpredictable so that worried me a lot. That's the main reason why I stopped. If that doesn't bother you, I guess it's something for you to try. Our bodies may react differently din naman.

      I don't want to guarantee authenticity since I haven't bought from them yet. But I recommend to check other reviews just to be sure.

      Have a nice day! :)

  2. Hello, Sis. Just like you, I also missed my period for the first time. Any updates on the results of the supplement? Have you had your period again? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi, so sorry for getting back late as I was on a hiatus. Because of the effects on my menstrual cycle, I had to stop using it. :)

    2. It's alright, Sis. Thanks for updating! �� My period restarted in December. I missed two cycles prior to that but it became regular again. I found out that my missed cycles were mainly due to quitting birth control pills.

  3. Good day sis, thank you for an informative yet interesting review about the product but may I just ask, using only 1 box (15 capsules) good for one week is also enough or fine for a first time user like me to have an improvement after a month? Or I should atleast bought 2 boxes for best result? To be honest, I just want to have an average bust size haha and since it's already december, have you gotten your period already after intaking the capsules? Thank you for your kind response, I would be grateful if you help me with this matter.

    1. Hi, so sorry for getting back late! 1-2 boxes won't be enough to get a noticeable result. You have to take more and take it religiously before it takes effect just like when you are doing your skincare. I've taken total of 7 boxes and the result was not that much. Though I assume that effects may differ per person. Because it keeps on getting in the way of my menstrual cycle, I had to stop taking it. :)

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