Friday, January 8, 2021

Moringa-O Malunggay Herbal Hair Relaxing Serum Review

Hey, there! I'm not much in the mood right now because it's first day of work (LOL) but one of my new year's resolutions is to always be productive and never procrastinate. There's some spike of energy here because I really like this product that I'll be sharing with you in a few...the Moringa-O Malunggay Herbal Hair Relaxing Serum With Argan Oil!

I don't know about you but if there's a part of my body which I pay attention less and tends to neglect most often, it would be my hair. I used to have naturally straight, thick hair but the stress and anxiety level plus lack of TLC seem to made it dry and lifeless. I frequently suffer from dandruff and hair fall and no matter what I use now, they just seem to not work at all.

Time to try something new, I said to myself. It's always risky but what else have I got to lose? It was some time last year when I saw this product from Sample Room. It was free, so I didn't hesitate and just paid for the shipping. It came in a box that's double the size of the product itself. The bottle is small and sturdy and is travel-friendly.

Moringa-O Malunggay Herbal Hair Relaxing Serum With Argan Oil claims to "nourish and moisturize, revitalize, smoothens and tames fly-aways, protects hair from breakage, non-greasy and lightweight." The box it came with was so wordy but still very appreciated because I like reading product descriptions.

This product has ingredients that are popular and tested such as Malunggay (Moringa), Olive, Omega (Sunflower) and Argan Oils. These oils are very rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals: Vitamin A, C, D, E, B-Complex, essential fatty acids, Omega 6 and 9, calcium and other minerals.

There's too much in this small bottle so I really expected a lot from it. I wasn't disappointed though. The serum is clear in color, slick and shiny but definitely dries to a lightweight finish. One thing I hate about most hair serums is the fact that they tend to make hair so oily. I have straight hair so it tends to oil up so fast. I did not experience it with my Moringa-O. It tames each strand and evidently moisturize it sans the oily residue.

Whenever my hair looks dry and all over the place, I would just pump a small amount in my palms and distribute it all over my hair and it would instantly look neat. It makes hair color more vibrant too. I love how healthy my mane would look after application. The good thing about hair serums is that you can apply it whenever you wish to. I like applying it to dry hair so I have the control and see whether I'm putting enough serum or not.

I haven't cut my hair for almost a year now because of the lockdown but I make sure to apply a generous amount of this product to the hair roots and ends to keep it moisturize and prevent split ends. So far, it's doing a great job. With regular use, it could stimulate hair follicle growth. I used to shed so much hair especially during bath but applying this serum on my scalp before going to bed while taking Biotin has improved my hair fall in just two months.

I now found a hair care product that I would definitely repurchase over and over. I just feel like my hair is so compatible with this product. This is perfect for those who have treated hair and has been suffering from damages. Definitely such a steal for only P220 (55ml)!

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