Tuesday, January 5, 2021

New! Pond's Anti Bacterial Facial Foam Review

Hey there! How's your day going? Mine's just starting because I am on a graveyard shift so here's me, munching on some SkyFlakes while drinking my Americano. Sosyal ka gurl? No, I'm just kidding. It's just an instant coffee. :D I had a generous hours of sleep but I'm yawning still so I had to. I've got tons of stuff to do today!

I'm ticking off one in my to-do list and that's writing about this new facial foam I've been using for weeks now, the Pond's Anti-Bacterial Facial Foam 100g (P157). I got this from Sample Room and I'm glad I did because it definitely works for me. Oops, did I just give it away? LOL.

There's not much information about this product to get online but I read everything in the bottle and it clearly says on top "Pond's Institute Japan" but on the description, they seem to use Indonesian words (I'm not sure so please don't quote me on this. Haha!). So it must have been developed in Japan and was distributed in Asia. Again, this is all just presumptions so don't take it against me if I'm wrong. I just came into a realization that I am a useless blogger, am I not? LOL.

Pond's Anti-Bacterial Facial Foam comes in a white/red/blue squeeze-tube bottle which looks so very simple and neat. It's easy to store and the cap is really tight so it doesn't get messy during your travels. It has a long shelf life which is great too. If you bought it by accident, you have about 3 years to decide when to use it.

As for the ingredient list (which I am not a master at), I'm showing a few skin-friendly ingredients I am familiar with such as Glycerin and Niacinamide which are ideal for all skin types and work to trap in moisture and treat oily skin conditions. It also has Salicylic Acid which is one of the best, if not the best, BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) that treats and prevents pimples and acne.

According to Pond's, this product is a "microfoam infused with TT Protect Technology, an advanced anti-bacterial agent tested by dermatologists, that's scientifically proven to remove 99% germs while strengthening natural skin defense against bad germs** to give you a clean, healthy glow." At this point in time, it's really not just convincing, but also essential that we use products like this to lessen the possibility of infection especially the main gateways are located in the face area.

Pond's Anti Bacterial Facial Foam has the texture of a regular facial foam, pearly white in color and lathers richly. I like that so very little of it could go a long way. I think a tube would last me more or less two months. For the price of P157, you're definitely getting so much.

This feels so light and gentle on the skin unlike most facial foams that using them feels like stripping off the skin's moisture. My skin feels really clean and looks bright afterwards. I feel like it's really working for me because I used to have painful zits all over my cheeks and jawline for the past couple of months and upon using this product, they seem to calm down. They are much smaller now and lesser in number. During my period, which happened to be only just last week, I did get breakouts on places I usually get them but they heal so fast which is amazing.

Overall, I find this product fantastic especially given its price. There are a lot of facial washes in the market today that are multiple times the price yet not very promising. I know because I've tried quite a few of them. I just hope that my skin won't lose that "hiyang factor" later on. LOL.

Another thing is that I believe that this particular variant from Pond's is not readily available in the market. I've seen quite a few retailers on Shopee but they sell it at a profited price. I don't know if it's being sold in supermarkets or Watsons, I've never been totally outside since this pandemic so buying it would be really challenging.

Anyway, I think that's everything. Feel free to leave me a message or comment down below if you have questions! I'll try to google the answer. Hahaha! Happy blogging!

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