Thursday, February 25, 2021

My Morphe & Luxie Beauty Makeup Brush Haul 2021

So I've noticed that I only have one blog post for this month and so I'll make it two. Just kidding! Anyway, last November and December 2020, I've checked out some items from Morphe and Luxie Beauty and it took me about 2-3 months before I got a hold of them. I couldn't be more patient, right? Since I bought them straight from their US websites, I had to seek the help of Shipping Cart once again so I don't have to worry about my parcel getting stuck in the customs office or being charged more when it's time to pick 'em up.

The good thing about freight forwarders like Shipping Cart is that they consolidate all the items I bought into one parcel and then ship them straight to my doorstep. No hassle at all. And by consolidating, I get to save on international shipping cost. Still not amazed? I've used their service for about 3-4 times now and so far, never once did I encounter any problem in terms of handling, customer service and shipping time. I do online shopping all the time so I hope to not get to the point where I would switch to a different courier.

I've been doing quite a lot of introductions, am I? To know more about how Shipping Cart works, you can also read my previous post about them HERE.

You don't know how excited I am to share this haul with you because you know how deeply I am in loved with makeup brushes and now, I'm adding more to my growing collection! I apologize for unboxing them hastily and using the recycled papers they were wrapped in as my background. LOL.

Babe Faves 14-Piece Eye Brush Set

Babe Faves 10-Piece Brush Set

This is my first time buying brush sets from Morphe and I wasn't disappointed at all. There were a couple of blending brushes and a face brush I wasn't exactly happy with but the rest were superb. I can't believe I copped 24 makeup tools for just a little over $100 when they are actually valued at $229. No wonder, these are so-called "babe faves". They are, indeed, for a reason.

Luxie Radiant Set

Luxie Summer Daze 4-Piece Set

I am so pleased with the new sets I've bought from Luxie. I own quite a handful of brushes from this brand and those that are with me for years are all of good quality. Their rose gold line is such a cute sight and their bristles were just soft like baby's butt. I think they are worth the splurge and the good news is that they always offer good bundles and deals. If I am not mistaken, February is their birth month so one of the best time to shop and score brushes for like up to 60% off!

Luxie Face & Eye Gaea Collection

This collection is a must-have! I love the white bristles and the eco-friendly pink handles to bits! Another good thing is that buying this set will be for a good cause!

Luxie Prestige Essentials 6-Piece Brush Set

Luxie Glimmer Set

I also like this set because the bristles remind me so much of IT Cosmetics' which I have been eyeing for years. I can never purchase from IT Cosmetics site directly because they do not accept international cards for payment. I've been trying for years but to no avail. If there are other shopping sites that sells IT brushes, would you please let me know? I would appreciate it so much!

I also bought individual brushes that are not part of any of their brush sets. I noticed that there were more or less 10 brushes from their ProTools Collection which I haven't included here (those that are in black handles and are an upgrade from their Rose Gold line). I already own lots of them but I decided to repurchase because I don't think they would still mass-produce their ProTools later on. Again, all of the brushes have soft heads and does a great job of blending makeup products!

Just by re-reading this blog, I could really say that I am such a makeup brush hoarder. Are you too? I'd love to see you comment down your favorite makeup brushes and recommendations! Until next time, beautiful freaks! Love lots!

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