Friday, February 5, 2021

Natrol Biotin Beauty 5,000mcg Extra Strength Supplement Review

It's been a while since I last updated this blog when I promised to be back from hiatus. I've got some issues in life right now that I'm currently dealing with, things that I am not really proud of telling. You know, there are days when you feel like you're healing from things and days that you feel like you're broken again. It's so hard to understand and it's been going on for a year now.

I'm still trying to be better by doing better but at times, I feel like I'm still failing myself. Anyway, enough drama LOL. I'm getting up again today, I feel better and I'm thankful. Today, I'll be sharing my thoughts about Natrol Biotin Beauty Supplements (P1,200) which I've been taking since October 2020. Basically, I've been taking it for about four straight months now.

I've been experiencing more hairfall than usual before I started taking it (*ehem* aging and anxiety) and it's the main reason why I finally decided to seek the help of this supplement. I wasn't sure why I opted for Natrol but it's probably because I've tried their Melatonin some time last year and it really worked with my irregular sleeping pattern.

There are a lot of brands out there, I'm sure you know that and just a disclaimer, I haven't tried other Biotin products yet other than this one from Natrol's. Maybe some time in the future, if I switch to a different brand, I can do a comparison review.

Natrol Biotin Beauty comes in three (3) 'strengths': 1,000mcg, 5,000mcg and 10,000mcg. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I think that they are all potent doses but I feel like like 1,000mcg is just not enough for me and 10,000 mcg is just too much. Anything in excess just gets wasted so I just stick to the 5,000mcg. I don't have a basis for this so don't hate me please. Haha. Anyway, they say that it's "fast dissolve" so it gets absorb faster. I'm not sure why or if that ever matters but it sure sounds good.

I'm not sure if all Natrol Biotin are flavored but I also chose this variant because it tastes really sweet like strawberry! It makes me look forward more to taking it everyday. I also bought the one with 250 tablets which I think helps me save a bit and I don't have to worry about running out for months. It's kind of hard to buy imported products, yes?

I did a quick research before as to which supplement is beneficial for the overall health of the hair, skin and nails and Google leads me to Biotin. If you are unsure or has very little information about this Vitamin, you may refer to this article by

The main reason why I bought this was because I've been experiencing hair fall. It's just nice that it's also beneficial to the overall skin and nail health so that's an added bonus. Anyway, hair fall has been going on for months or even years now and it just became more serious some time last year so I thought, I need to do something about it. I know (with research) that it would take months before you see a noticeable effect which is why I've only written about it just now.

So did it help with my hair fall? Absolutely! I haven't changed my hair care routine, but I've noticed that my hair fall has lessened. I have been using Head & Shoulders for as long as I can remember and if I do change for a moment, I'd eventually switch back to it. So you see, I haven't used anything new other than taking Biotin daily but my overall hair health improves. I normally clean the toilet filter every day because there's just too much hair strands stuck on it but I no longer do it as often. I get so scared every time I comb my hair too but not anymore. I still get hair fall but it's no longer as severe so this supplement must have done something.

The only thing is that it won't make hair thicker. I didn't expect it to so it doesn't really bother me. I will just continue using this product to help strengthen my hair and hope that soon enough, I'll suffer lesser hair fall.

Thank you all so much for dropping by. Remember, always find a way to love yourself! Cheers!

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