Thursday, March 25, 2021

Bioessence QuadWhite 4-in-1 Soap To Exfoliate The Skin

This week, I am very fortunate to get a 3-day off from work. Yesterday was the first day but I pretty much did nothing. I've been procrastinating a lot lately and I want to put an end to it (at least for now lol). Today, let me share with you my thoughts about Bioessence QuadWhite 4-in-1 Soap.

Bioessence is one of the skincare brands that I genuinely love. I remember how my first facial turned a success and following it up with using their Acnetrol line gave me the clearest skin I've ever had in my entire life. If only I can bring back the time... I guess this is when it hits hard when they say, 'you're not getting any younger'.


This premium soap contains a blend of 4 whitening ingredients (L-Glutathione, Carica Papaya Extract, Kojic Acid and Vitamin C) that helps the skin to be fairer, brighter, brighter, and young-looking.

Benefits: removes skin impurities and excess oils; lightens skin discoloration

So much whitening ingredients for a single soap, eh? To be honest, I didn't know this soap exist until this one time when I wanted to repurchase Acnetrol products online. I key in the brand name and it showed me all the products available. I saw this soap and got intrigued because the seller said that this is great for underarm and bikini areas. I've had problems with chicken skin and uneven skin tone for quite a while so I guess trying it out won't hurt that much.

Let me just appreciate the packaging - I like that it's made of eco-friendly materials with a little bit of plastic. Nothing fancy but I like minimal designs so.

This soap lathers richly and it goes a long way. It's one of those soaps that has a sudsy formula to the core so there's nothing to waste. It gets mushy easily, mind you, so make sure to store it in a dry place after use. What I normally do is cut the soap in half (or even smaller if possible), so I don't have to wet the whole soap at once. I don't know 'bout you, but this is me being practical.

I didn't take this soap seriously and I didn't expect that much either. I initially thought that it works just like other soaps wherein you just have to lather and rinse and wait for a miracle for your skin to lighten up.

My main target were the parts that seemed darker than the rest of my body - bikinis areas, underarms, knees, elbows, ankles - so I only apply this soap to these areas every time I take a bath. I leave the lather on for about 3-5 minutes before rinsing it off. I was surprised when I noticed that my skin is peeling on the 3rd day of use. Ooooh, that was quick! The good thing is that it's peeling but not to the point where it's uncomfortable. No severe dryness or irritation from having the urge to scratch the skin from time to time. Whenever I do, maybe it's just my hair starting to crawl up. LOL.

I've tried peeling oils or body exfoliating products before but nothing feels gentler than peeling with this soap. It doesn't force your skin to shed excessively (if you know what I mean). There are visible peeling but the dead skin cells that it removes are very fine so skin peels evenly. As a result, you get softer and smoother layer. Skin feels tighter and more even. It also lessens textures so it would be great if you are looking for something to smoothen out your chicken skin.

I haven't used it for the rest of my body since I'm not into lightening anymore. My dream now is to make my skin to look more even. I haven't tried it on my face either but I might give it a shot especially I have a lot of blemishes and pimple scars. I'll just give an update once I'm able to try it out.

The only thing I hate about it is that it's hard to find, all Bioessence products are. Because of the pandemic, I couldn't drop by any physical stores (they are also far from where I live) so online buying is my last and only resort. I'm just lucky to maybe spot one or two sellers who have available stocks.

So would I repurchase? Surely, my answer is yes. I'll continue using until I'm satisfied. For only P180. this product is worth buying.

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