Thursday, March 11, 2021

NITA: My New Favorite Local Clothing Store

Loading your wardrobe with unique pieces that have beautiful cuts and great craftmanship is an investment for me. It's not enough that you can create millions of OOTDs with what you have. It's owning clothes that not only fit and emphasize your body, but clothes that are so you, regardless of the brand and the price tag. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what kind of style you're into, because they aren't supposed to define you, set you apart or make you stand out. You make them shine and that's the truth.

I've had enough of neutral, plain garments and denims that lately, I've been obsessing over fashion prints. It's not that I forget my old clothes or how my taste was. I have this purpose of mixing and pairing them up to take my dressing game up a notch.

Since I hate to go out, I've been spending time browsing different online shops for unique, high quality printed and patterned dresses and tops with the hopes of getting the right size. Affordability is one thing I always consider, but nothing should be greater than quality clothes that won't go out of style.

This might be a hard feat considering that fashion is fast-changing, yet here comes Nita Clothing.

Photo Credits: Shop Nita


Nita. Just a name for some but for sisters/store owners Krisna and Carla, Nita stands for so much more. Aptly named after their mother, the person who spurred their passion for fashion, Nita Clothing is an indie shop that is all about the love for variety, color, and individuality.

Proudly 100% Filipino made, clothes from Nita are designed by Krisna and crafted by her team from high-quality materials. They are then lovingly packaged and branded by the sisters.

The Nita store makes sure there is something for everyone - whether you are looking for office outfit staples, date night dresses, trendy numbers, casual chic attire, or sweet ensembles. Always striving for originality, designs are sold in very limited quantities - a personalized gift from Nita to you.

I am not in any way sponsored/paid to write this blog but writing about clothes got me so hyped up. So far, I only own total of four (4) dresses from Nita - I never know they existed until only a couple of weeks ago but so far, I love the first few picks I got from them.

You ever browse through a shop and feels like their style speaks to you and calls your name? You probably think that it's too early to gush about it but it's not always everyday that you come across a brand and think of bulk buying because you are having a hard time deciding which dress is better!

This is not me being an impulsive buyer here. I feel that the shop deserves so much because I can tell that they put so much effort in making each piece looks like it's personally made for someone. I can feel that the clothes I bought were just made for me. Their sizing is accurate. They have good customer service. I love how they choose good quality materials and how they cater to everyone's style. And most of all, Nita Clothing is a Pinoy brand.

I am loving their dresses more than anything - I'll never worry about running into someone who wears the exact same thing. I think the prints and patterns are so rare, dainty and delicate. Each style is so classy and easy to pair with. But most of all, I think I'd wear them forever LOL!

I first saw them on Shopee but you can also place your order through their Facebook page. They also have a physical shop in Greenhills.

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