Thursday, March 18, 2021

Pond's Anti-Bacterial Refreshing Face Mist Review

I've been binge-watching Love Alarm but I'm against the couple who will end up together so I'm turning my phone off and out of frustration, here's comes an entry to this blog. I'll share my quick review of Pond's Anti-Bacterial Refreshing Face Mist (50ml/P100) which I got together with Pond's Anti-Bacterial Facial Foam a few months back.

There's nothing really fancy on the way it looks but I appreciate the minimalist design. I think it's very neat. It's also small so it's quite handy but sometimes I mistook it for my alcohol spray bottle. LOL. All the information and claims are printed in the back part, as well as the ingredient list.

Pond's Anti-Bacterial Refreshing Face Mist
Fresh and protected from germs instantly. Refreshing face mist with Skin Defense Technolog, 100% organic roses and 5 vitamins. Fits 99.9% germs on skin for fresh, clean and healthy glowing skin - even when wearing mask. Gentle on skin. 0% alcohol.

I do believe that Pond's develop their anti-bacterial range to cater to the most common skin problem we experience nowadays: maskne. I am thankful to be working at home now because I don't have to commute and wear face masks. I remember some time in June when I was asked to report onsite and my face itches every now and then. I get breakouts on areas where face masks could cover so despite the discomfort, it's the only thing that saves me from people who would stare at my skin. Up to now, they still left blemishes especially on my lower cheek, chin and jaw area.

Now that I'm working from home, it doesn't guarantee that I am safe from germs and bacteria. Having face mists that are anti-bacterial is genius because it kills even before microorganisms invade your inner system.

Pond's Anti-Bacterial Refreshing Face Mist has a floral scent because of the natural rose extract. Some may probably find it off-putting but I like it. It's very refreshing on the skin and is quite hydrating too. It reduces dryness and dark patches and most of all, helps in keeping the skin clear and prevents infections. Depends on your usage, one bottle may not last you a long time. Mine only lasted for about a week but that's because I was so into it that I apply it multiple times everyday. I guess it just kind of became a habit just like how spraying alcohol has been in our daily lives.

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