Friday, June 4, 2021

Trying Out Apollo Lip Balms and Castor Oil For The First Time

It's been a while since the last time I did a skincare review. Don't get me wrong, I still do my everyday skincare (well, pretty much), but my work just has never been this demanding and it eats up too much of my time and energy. I've always wanted to leave but my slacking won't definitely cover my daily expenses and the family's dream to finally stop living in a rented apartment and move into a new home. 

Yup, for the past months, I've been working hard to save for our home improvement. It's in the making and even if we're done paying off the renovation expenses, there's still a lot of furniture to buy so I gotta work my ass off. Sorry if I am telling you this in a supposed-to-be-skincare post, but my excited fingers just couldn't stop. Anyway, let's just move forward and start with today's agenda.

Apollo Lip Balm in Original

I got all these Apollo products from Sample Room. I'm in a tight budget right now so I guess I'll have to live with free products until maybe the house is done? Just kidding.

I am sure that I don't need to introduce Apollo to most of you - I mean their Petroleum Jellies has been part our household essentials at one point. Price point, efficiency and ease of purchase are probably the primary factors. It's so great to hear that their petroleum business has now expanded to lip balms and beauty oils. I don't know if it's just me, but I love lip balms so much and I can not definitely leave the house without one.

Anyway, these lip balms are the cutest. I mean the idea of the packaging is not really original because there's Vaseline and whatnot, right? But I love that it's so handy and convenient to bring anywhere. I could bring the tiniest of my bag and this would just fits so perfectly. I could even just slip it on my dress' pockets and voíla!

This tiny pot of petroleum jelly never leave my work table, TBH. I always apply it every freakin' time my lips feel so parched and it would instantly provide relief. Moisture last long but given that I unconsciously licks my lips from time to time and I drink quite a lot, the need to reapply is so frequent. I have super dry lips all year round and this product helps the skin to recover. When I accidentally picks on the hanging dead skin and it causes bleeding, I would just apply a generous amount, and the wound would heal quickly.

Apollo Lip Balm in Pretty Pink

Apollo Lip Balms also came in a tinted variant. The formulation is just the same and both feels creamy and smooth, the only difference apart from the color is the strawberry scent of the latter. But probably because of the added chemical, I find it a bit drying when used overtime. My lips has always been sensitive to tinted lip products so I try to limit my use since I am working from home and there's no need to dress up.

However, my mom actually enjoys it. She traded her Vaseline one to this because she said that the Vaseline isn't actually giving her lips some color. She said that she could skip lipstick and just use the Apollo instead because it's enough to give her lips some rosy shade any skin color would look good on. I agree though. I don't suggest trading makeup and skincare products but because we're mom and daughter so no big deal LOL.

Both lips balms are so affordable and a little goes a long way, and they surely did last for a couple of months. I think that it's a great value for money and definitely a must-have.

Apollo 100% Pure Cold-Pressed Castor Oil

For those who believe that using beauty oils, particularly Castor Oil, to lengthen and thicken eye brows and lashes isn't an old myth, yes, Apollo has Castol Oil is here to save your day. It's so cheap and you get a tube that will last forever.

I tried using beauty oils way back when I was younger and though it was an on and off process, I noticed that my lashes became stronger and less prone to damage. There were bald spots in my brows that were soon filled. I stopped because I'm satisfied with the average thickness and length of my lashes. Also, it wasn't convenient and I don't like it when oils smears into the rest of my face. I have oily skin too and I was not comfortable about it especially when it gets inside the eyes.

If you are more patient that I am, using Castor Oil for the brows and lashes would help shape and tame hair overtime. I am sure that all hardwork pays off in the end.

I guess that's pretty much everything. Let me know what are your thoughts about these products, whether you are a believer of these or not. I would love to hear from you. Happy weekends, everyone!

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