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3 Shops I Am Buying Affordable Freshwater Pearl Jewelries Again

Pearl jewelries are old trends and I personally think that every woman should have them in their closets. They are classic, timeless pieces that you should invest on.

When it comes to pearl jewelries, there are varieties to choose from such as White and Golden South Sea, Tahitian South Sea, Japanese Akoya and Freshwater Pearls. Freshwater Pearls are cultivated pearls, created with mankind intervention and are way more plentiful as they can grow in lakes, streams, and rivers, thus cheaper in value. They are a great substitute for the more expensive variants but still as beautiful and lustrous in their own way. Each pearl has different personality and since they are created by nature, no two pearls are alike.

In this post, I'd like to recommend three shops where you can buy gorgeously-made freshwater pearl jewelries if you are from the Philippines. There are three things I consider before choosing them: price point, pearl and craft quality and flexibility of the shop to accommodate special requests and customization.


This is the first local brand I've known that makes freshwater pearl jewelries. I have come across their Instagram shop after seeing a sponsored post and that began my interest in pearls. They use either silver or gold setting stainless steel hardware in most of their crafts, but they also sell jewelries made of sterling silver and gold-filled hardware.

Stainless steel are commonly used in jewelry making, and with proper care, they could last for a long time, making them durable and cost-efficient substitute for more expensive metals.

Thalassoshop does customize length  and designs too for that more personalized vibe. For special requests and quotations, you can send them a direct message on their Instagram or Shopee account.

I have bought a lot from this shop already - some were given away but mostly for personal use. I like that they have good quality control despite the affordability of each piece. Also, the quality of the pearls being used are not 100% blemish-free but still beautiful and lustrous. Their jewelries are for preorder so you must be ready to wait for up to two weeks to get your item.

Margarita Choker Necklace - 750php
Ahtisa Chain With Rice Pearl Charm Necklace - 550php
Denise Rice Pearl Hoop Earrings - 430php
Oxana Gold Hoops Dangling Pearl Earrings - 430php


It was hard to pick which three I loved the most, so let me just add one more please. The first one is a choker type of necklace with approximately 4mm corn-shaped pearls with 14k golf-filled spring clasp lock. It was customized to about 15 inches length because I'm into chokers these days lol. 14-15 inches necklaces are best for my neck size.

Then, I also got the chain necklace with tiny rice pearls that are slightly peachy in person. Length was customized to about 15.5 inches and also in tarnish-resistant setting. I think this one is perfect if you are into layering jewelries.

I also chose two of my favorite pearl earrings up to date. One is a hoop earring with 14k gold-filled hardware and tiny white rice pearls. They are the perfect basic pearl earrings that screams B.E.A.C.H. And then I have another pair which I think I could wear casually or formally - a twisted gold plated stainless steel designed with dangling pearls. I like that I could remove the pearl and reattach it depends on the look I am trying to achieve.


I was planning to feature all-local shops, but Jiuzhen deserves a spot in my most recommended. I have bought several jewelries from different local shops but some of them I honestly didn't like. The quality of the pearls are not very nice - have lots of fish bites, rough textures and broken parts. Also, some of the metals used are already tarnishing with only a few uses.

I recently bought some pieces from Jiuzhen. Their shop is situated in China, which is the world's largest freshwater pearl market. By checking their Shopee account, I found out that they have their own pearl farm. The brand was founded by 3 girls, with the support of their aunt, who's been in the pearl farming industry for decades.

Their designs are truly unique and eye-catching and most items, if not all, are hand-crafted beautifully as advertised. The thing with most of my purchases from overseas - they don't look like on pictures. With Jiuzhen though, there's barely any room for disappointment. I still have a few more in my cart and would certainly buy them once I got some funds.

The items are also made to order and since shipping is from overseas, you should expect more delays before you get your parcel. I swear that waiting time is worth it.

Baroque Pearl Choker Necklace - 360php
Rice Pearl Twisted Double Layer Necklace - 725php
Dainty Pearls Floating Sterling Silver Necklace - 408php


One of my favorites is this very affordable natural baroque pearl style choker necklace with 14kgf lock which originally was 40cm in length, approximately 15.6 inches which I requested to be cut down to 15 inches. The distinct characteristic and shape of each pearl is so rare and beautiful when put altogether as a necklace. For me, this is a must-have and for only 360php, you can't go wrong with this!

Then, I have the second one - a double layer twisted 3-4mm rice pearl necklace in 36cm length and has a 925 sterling silver lock and extension. The rice pearls on this necklace are so high quality, very lustrous and smooth indeed. Price is just right for the quality. I can't wait to wear it on a formal occasion! Both necklaces are great for stacking too.

The third necklace is what I have been looking for quite a while - a dainty 2.5-3mm pearl stack floating necklace in sterling silver chain. I also like that there's a needle pin that you can adjust to make the necklace shorter or longer. This is such a must-have too, you guys!!!


Is it just me or their brand name is really hard to pronounce? I am not sure how long they have been in the industry but given the limited number of ratings, they might be somehow new, at least on Shopee. I also noticed that they might need a bit more help in the marketing aspect.

What I love about this shop though is how responsive the seller is. One time, they delivered a wrong item and so I raise my concern and seller told me to keep the item as a gift. She said that she would just send me the correct order without me having to pay anything extra from item to shipping. How cool is that?

Macasnaie Collections is also a dealer of genuine Freshwater and South Sea Pearls Jewelry in the Philippines and they also customize based on customer's requests and preferences. Shipping time and preparation is shorter compared to the other two shops yet so far, I got items that met my expectations.

Round and drop-shaped Pearl Earrings - 350php
Double Drop-shaped Dangling Earring - 350php
Black and White Pearl in Chinese Strings Bracelet - 150php/ea


The first drop earrings was absolutely beautiful. Handcrafted in gold plated stainless steel setting, it's hypoallergenic and tarnish-resistant too. I like everything about it, the size is just right and it just looks absolutely charming when worn. The chain part is removable just in case you would just like to wear a single pearl on both ears. Pearls used are so shiny and almost blemish-free. Did I say that it's only 350php? Seriously.

The second one is a pair of double drop-shaped dangling earrings in stainless steel silver setting. Just like the other one, pearls are full of luster, smooth and just simple-looking. It's great to pair with the most casual outfits.

I am not sure how you call braided bracelets like these but my mind says Chinese strings lol. I remember back when I was in grade school, my classmates and I would purchase nylon strings like this and would just make them into braided bracelets. Seeing these brings me back to my childhood.

The addition of a baroque pearl at the center is a really nice touch. I actually love the dark one the best! The shape and the ombre shade is truly one of a kind jewel created by nature. I would probably wear these bracelets on the beach!

I really enjoyed sharing with you this small collection of items I've been loving lately. Please do tell if you know other shops that sell amazing handcrafted pearl jewelries and I will definitely check them out!

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