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Collagen by Watsons Collume + Peptides Booster Essence Review

Hey! It's me again, Hanna. Just want to share a quick review about this new product which I have been using for the last couple of weeks. It's one of the products I've got from my most previous Sampleroom haul and it's actually the first time I ever heard about it.  I'm not 100% sure, but I think this is something new in the market. I don't know about you, but the ~kilig~ is different when you are trying out a new skincare.

I tried googling about Collagen by Watsons Collume + Peptides Booster Essence, but haven't seen much information. Truth be told, the claims were too good to be true yet surprisingly, I've been looking forward to doing my skincare sessions with this.




Let us appreciate the packaging - I like the iridescent color of the box. The details are complete so it's not too hard to understand what this product is made of and how to use it best. The bottle has a minimalist design overall - with a sleek silver cap and a dropper and the shimmery, but transparent plastic container. I like how I can easily take a peek on the inside.

The ingredients are popular and I believe in their potency because most of my previous skincare that work on my skin has these too.

We're sure to be familiar with Vegan Collagen (Collume) Complex, Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid. But to be honest, Peptides, Panthenol and Adenosine don't ring a bell to me. I mean I'm sure to have read them somewhere, I am just not sure about the effects on the skin so I did a bit of a research.

  • Peptides - works to signal cells to produce more collagen and repair damaged cell structures (more information here)
  • Panthenol - often called a pro-vitamin B5 after oxidation, it's not just a common ingredient of our usual household hair and nail care products, it's also a highly moisturizing agent that has anti-inflammatory benefits and anti-aging effects
  • Adenosine - has excellent anti-wrinkle benefits

We can definitely say that this product is suitable for all since most skin types found these ingredients tolerable. This product claims to have the perfect ratio of collagen and peptides, making your skin firmer and more elastic in just one drop. With regular use, this would boost skin elasticity and strengthen skin's moisture.

I am not sure why, but the scent suddenly reminds me of Sampaguita (a sweetly scented tropical flower) because of its floral scent. It smells okay for me overall - very subtle and goes away after seconds. The essence is clear with tiny white beads that melts upon contact with the skin. It somehow adds texture to the boring consistency.

Essence is water-like when applied and dries to an almost matte finish. It feels lightweight on the skin, but feels sticky afterwards. It's not a major turnoff for me as I find it tolerable and it goes away after a few minutes. It also feels like whatever I put on next gets absorbed much better.

With just one drop, I can say that my face feels indeed hydrated in an instant. Using it for more or less two weeks now (2x a day), added glow and radiance to my tired skin. I like how it works wonderfully with my current skincare - which I will be sharing in the next few days. This is the latest addition to my simple skincare routine which comprises of only cleansing - exfoliating - essence - serum - moisturizer. 

During my daytime, I tend to skip on the moisturizing part because it's super hot here in the Philippines and I oil up quite fast. You are probably thinking that I made a major violation of skipping sunscreen. LOL. But yes, I do, unless I go out in the open field. It's because I work remotely and on a graveyard shift. I find it uncomfortable to use sunscreen at night and during the regular daytime when I usually go to sleep (because who would apply sunscreen to bed?). However, professionals still recommend to use sunscreen in the morning even when you're at home because harmful UV rays can still penetrate inside. Please take note of that.

This product can be basically used in two ways: as a pre-essence to use alone or as a booster that you can mix with your regular moisturizer. I don't have a preference, to be honest. I tested it both ways and I don't think it makes any difference.

When applied as a pre-essence, it settles fast and when mixed with moisturizer, it somehow thins out the consistency of the latter and makes it smoother to apply.

THE EFFECT? Let me tell you a story. I just finished my Spanish Class last 03/03/22. I had lots of sleepless nights before that since I had to juggle both work and class plus household errands. I'd be lucky if I'd get at least 5 hours of sleep every day. My skin then was at its worst - I had lots breakouts on my cheek down to the jaw which also left me marks/spots and redness. My skin looked dull and rough too, because I barely had a proper skincare. Those little times I get were so important for taking a nap rather than doing simple pleasures.

It was about last week of February when I started incorporating Collagen by Watsons Collume + Peptides Booster Essence in my routine and since then, I've been seeing little improvements in my skin condition. Of course, it's way far from perfect, I still get breakouts (and a lot of them!) but my skin feels and looks nicer. It's only about two weeks but I notice my skin improving each day.

I like how my skin is instantly hydrated every after application. It doesn't feel hot or heavy on the skin which is what I'm always looking for in products. I also notice that my pores looks more refined. Skin is overall looking healthier and more supple.

I don't want to discount the help of this essence but I would like to let you know that I am using it together with some of my trusted skincare products and better sleeping time. The combination must have contributed a lot in the overall glow.

However, I think that this essence helped me heal pimples faster than the usual. I had three new pimples in my cheek and area last week. It only took them about 2 days and they became flatter and less painful. There were still marks but they are becoming less and less visible each day.

I still have a long way to go before I get the skin I desire but I'm enjoying my clearer skin right now. I am sure to continue using this product for the next few weeks and see how my skin would turn out or if the blemishes would really lighten up completely. I would definitely update you, guys.

By the way, this little bottle right here is priced at 599php and is available in Watsons. The last time I checked, they were sold out online. Hoping they have restocked by now because I am also excited to repurchase as mine's almost already half-full.

I think that's everything I wanted to let you know about this product. It's so nice to be back doing skincare reviews. I let go of most makeups I had pre-pandemic, but I just bought a foundation earlier and I'm so excited to doll up again (even just in my bedroom!). Until next time, chicas! Let's keep in touch!

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