Saturday, March 12, 2022

Fresh by Skinlab Jeju Aloe Ice Aloe Gel Lotion Review

Hello helloooo! So this is a blog that's long overdue. I was supposed to write about this product last year, but did not have the chance to. There are things in life that are supposed to happen no matter how much you pray in heavens not to. I am too embarrassed to get into details but 2022 is a year of changes and risk-taking for me and I set my mind to move forward. This is kind of late but sit tight, 2022 - this is game on and I am so ready to conquer you!

I think Aloe gels are something that are always trendy in the world of moisturizers. Aside from the fact that they effortlessly work, you can't find anything as affordable quantity-wise. I mean I remember being in college (And that was what? Five years ago?) and some friends of mine are into aloe gels. If my memory serves me right, the one by The Face Shop was the most popular back then or it must have been Nature Republic's? Gods, help me. One thing is for sure though, time makes the formula improve. Thanks much to the demand in skincare that these beauty companies are always into innovating new stuff to offer to skincare enthusiasts (like us!).

Today, let's talk about Fresh by Skinlab Jeju Aloe Ice Aloe Gel Lotion which has always been in my beauty stash, always got my back in case of emergency. LOL.




Most of the aloe gels I get to know comes in this big plastic tubs so you really get a generous amount for such a really good price. This tub costs around 199php and is available both online and in-store. I think I saw this once on a trip to Watsons. I am a fan of online shopping more than walk-ins so I got this in an online reputable retailer.


Texture and consistency is how you would expect from a typical gel lotion - very light - turns into an almost watery consistency when slathered on the skin and dries to an almost matte, yet hydrating finish. I can feel my skin turning from dry and tight to hydrated in an instant. The floral scent is subtle and kind of relaxing too.

Now, take this tip seriously: refrigerate before use. This is a step you may want to follow especially if you are dealing with sunburns or using on days when heat is so intense. I swear the cooling effect is nothing you'll ever felt with another product.

Product comes with a spatula which I misplaced a long time ago LOL. Just make sure to always use clean hands!

I don't regularly use this product on my face because I am using a different moisturizer and I don't want to over-moisturize. I mostly use this after waxing or if I am experiencing flakiness on some parts of my skin to ease discomfort. I wanted to keep my routine simple - cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating (1-2x a week). I have been doing this for months ever since pandemic started and I felt like it's been working for me rather than layering skincare which I have been doing before.

Of course, I couldn't help trying out new products every now and then. But if I notice my skin not doing any better, I would keep it simple and my skin would just calm down like magic. I have very oily, acne-prone skin (Screw genes, kidding!) and layering products in my past life has always placed my skin in a bad light.

Note: We all have different skin types and our skin reacts differently to certain ingredients. I am not saying to follow me because using products is quite tricky - it is mostly trial and error. I have been into skincare since I was in grade school but it doesn't mean I have it all figured out. There are loads of craps and gems out there to test and only one face to test it to, so I will always be experimenting just like you guys. Don't lose hope, take note of what works for you and let go of those that don't.

So would I repurchase Fresh by Skinlab Jeju Aloe Ice Aloe Gel Lotion? I probably would! Did not really make it in my holy grails but it's indeed useful in alleviating dryness and adding glow without the stickiness I get from using other aloe gels. When it's too hot, it gives a refreshing feeling on the skin as well. If you are looking for an aloe gel product to add to your stash, this ain't a bad option.

That's basically it. Hoping to see you next time around! Let's keep in touch on socials:

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