Monday, March 14, 2022

Life Update On A Monday

Hey dearies, it's Hanna.

You won't believe this: I should be on my shift right now but I am writing because this day can't be any worse. Today is Monday - basically the start of the week and my computer isn't working as it should be. Who can be productive when you're encountering technical issues? I had my brother helped me but he can't seem to figure it out with me ranting and rushing him around. So I told him I got this when obviously I don't! I can't seem to handle pressure that well lately. It's hard to be cool about things especially when you have zero idea on what to do.

Then, when I was about to clock in, we lost internet connection! I can't get myself to blame anyone because it isn't right. Still, I can't help but get frustrated. I was tagged absent because of this and I couldn't even update my supervisors real time because the signal in my location, well, sucks.

I let my head cool down for about 30 minutes before proceeding, and thinking of this situation as a miracle in disguise. Maybe this could be an extension to my rest days. Ugh, man, 3 days off? On normal working days, I would probably kill for it (kidding!). It indeed sounds tempting, but something I couldn't afford right now given the finances lined up this month. It's easy to think that way but I just can't. I am this kind of person who must follow schedules and if things don't turn up the way they should - me sitting pretty would never happen. How things would have been easier to accept if only I was spontaneous?

Reality check though - what's done is done. The technical issues and internet connection is beyond my control. I just have to accept so the anger won't eat me up.

I am so sorry that my mind is in chaos right now. Writing this helps me feel more at ease. I'd like to read this back one day and realize that it was not that big of a deal. That whatever provokes me right now, won't provoke me forever. It may still not be resolved the moment I was typing this, but soon it will - maybe in the next few hours, maybe tomorrow. I don't know for sure, but definitely not forever.

Whoo, that was one hell of a rant. Sorry for this quick break, but what's the purpose of this blog? Me sharing snippets of my life and the things I hate and love - all squeezed up in this beauty-turned-personal blog. Life isn't all rainbows and colors anyway. I'd like to share the good and the bad, the educational and the senseless blog posts I could think of. I will probably have more of this in the future, but I promise to never let go of my beauty reviews. :)

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