Thursday, April 7, 2022

The New Belo Collagen Vanilla Smoothie For Skin, Hair and Nails

We have already heard so much about collagen from beauty experts: how it's vital for the overall health of our skin, hair and nails. If you still don't believe in its power, I can't comprehend why. There are lots of resources to find if you wanted to know more about collagen supplements and how it scientifically function, so might as well skip the introduction part. :D But I'm sure we'll all agree that it doesn't take a genius to know what it is and what it's for.

There are a lot of collagen drinks in the market - in probably different levels of potency, as well as difference in methods of consumption. My favorite though: smoothies! Kudos to Belo group for inventing these delicious ready-to-drink smoothies! I've tried their melon variant before and that was my ultimate favorite. However, the vanilla flavor is just almost as delicious!

Belo Collagen Vanilla Smoothie tastes very similar to creamers. I find it funny, but I like creamer in my coffee and tea, so who cares? Now that I've read the mini cardboard box my collagen sachets came with - it says that you can use these as creamer/sugar substitute. That's great knowing that we can have a refreshing, healthier drink option.


I got my free sachet samples from Sampleroom, but normally, Belo Collagen comes in a cardboard box of 10s and retails at around ₱1,400. It's quite expensive, but good thing though, there's always sales and promotions, so you might want to check them out when they're discounted.

I drink mine for 5 days straight, basically once a day before bedtime. You have the option to take 2 sachets a day, one in the morning and the other at night. No one's gonna judge you because it's really delicious (LOL!). Just empty the sachet and dilute in a 250ml glass of cold water and stir until dissolved.

I always have a hard time mixing my collagen powder into cold water. The trick that works for me best is to stir it in warm water first before adding the cold water. It's making my smoothie a bit lukewarm this way. What I do is put my glass in the chiller for about 10 minutes more, so it would be a lot more refreshing to drink.

I haven't taken a lot to see a significant improvement in my skin, hair or nails, but I am sure to repurchase in the future just because it's a joy to drink (LOL!) and I always look forward to my glass of smoothie everyday. It's versatile in a way that you can mix it on almost any of your drinks for that added creaminess and flavor.

The new Belo Collagen Vanilla Smoothie For Skin, Hair and Nails is infused with 5,000 mg premium collagen from Japan that replenishes lost collagen as you age, so incorporating it in your meal everyday would surely make yourself thank you one day.

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