Monday, May 9, 2022

Mini Haul: Free Soffia and Charm Essentials Brushes

I've never been this excited to cast my vote, but the unofficial result is really making me puke. This is not the place to discuss the specifics, but I'm honestly disheartened and in need of a quick break. I'm still in shock and couldn't get it off my mind but whatever. Today, I want to share with you a mini haul with items I got for free from Sample Room.

I have always been a makeup brush junkie - believe me, I have way more than what my face needed right now (LOL!). Still, I get too excited whenever I discover something new. I dare not lie - these brushes here are must-haves!

Charm Essentials Kabuki (PHP 600) and Luxe Mini Kabuki (PHP 336) Brushes - these brushes have really soft bristles and has the enough density to multitask from applying your powder, blush or just simply setting everything in place. They are so handy and probably, the only thing that I wish they came with, were mini pouches to protect transferring pigments from bristles to other surfaces. Other than that, I have all the reasons to keep them in my collection. I mean the color of the top bristles is simply awesome, despite the fact that not everyone is fond of pink. But whatever, hello there, pink-lovers! ;)

Soffia Perfect Skin Angled Foundation Brush (PHP 700) - this is a small foundation brush with a matte black handle which makes it easy and comfortable to grip and also has gold accents for that added luxurious aesthetic. The brush's functionality and softness actually reminds me of my Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush but is about half the price and is slightly bigger in surface area. It works to buff foundation seamlessly and the size is also a great option for travelling! I love this brush! Well, I love them all!

Charm Pro Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush (PHP 339) - applying your eyeshadow in different consistencies will be so much easy with this brush from this brand. Indeed a great hypoallergenic tool to use on our sensitive skin around the eyes, without the poking/irritating feeling. Could also be used wet and dry to play around with different looks.

Charm Pro Mini Fan Brush  (PHP 250) - this is your typical small-but-terrible brush. I find this brush versatile too as aside from de-clumping mascara, it can also be used to place highlight on your nose bridge or brow bone. It's not necessary to own this brush, but still useful in my opinion.

All these I got from Sample Room for free and only paid shipping. You may wanna head out to the site to see if there are still stocks available ('cause they run out fast!). I hope you enjoy using them as much as I do!

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