This blog is owned and updated by a teen college student now working girl who took up Bachelor of Mass Communication at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (University of the City of Manila). She is deeply true-to-the-heart a certified shopaholic who loves investing money to support her desires and cravings on anything posh--clothes, shoes, bags, nail polishes, skin care products and makeups (above all)--and other things such as books because she loves to work out her imagination. She really do love retail therapy with a goal to buy a lot without spending a lot.

This blog started on January, 2015 when she realized, after reading so many blogs daily, that she also has this growing passion on blogging about everything she appreciates and adore to share to people that are so like her through hauls, reviews, insights and first impression posts.

She spends most of her time at the bedroom reading romance/sci-fi/fantasy novels and cries hard when it gets a little dramatic. She also loves to watch romance/comedy/sci-fi/animation/action/dystopian films while eating orange with bagoong. Now, blogging takes up most of her leisure time. Obviously, her laptop and her phone is her best companion while she's home.

She also loves to rummage through her closet for clothes that she rarely use and take a photo of her with that piece of style and keep those photos un-uploaded and all for herself. While she's out and has nothing to do, she spends her time mostly at the beauty sections of department stores to check for possible purchases and end up buying products on impulse. She also loves to check out new collections of clothes at the mall or even online and make a little note to herself to save some of her allowance in order to be able to buy them. She may be a little distant to people, often misunderstood, but goes beyond crazy when she is comfortable with you.

What she blogs? As this blog title goes, The Skincare Freak, a collection of thoughts and unbiased opinions--written by a literal freak--about anything related to beauty because she believes that bare is beautiful. She does not mean to say that makeup should cease to exist because she splurges for those more than anything, mind you. Rather, it's the idea that she is always trying to sell: embrace every flaw and show it to the world because they make you unique, beautiful and most especially, lovable.

This blog is dedicated to those girls (and guys) out there who share the same passion with her. And if you, in any instance, happen to drop by on this blog, therefore, there's a possibility that you are on the same track!

Hope you always stay tuned as she is planning and aiming to make her blog informative and entertaining at the same time! For questions/queries, e-mail her: hpbn_19@yahoo.com.

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